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Releasing Shame: An Empowering Virtual Full-Moon Healing Ceremony

Shame is the crippling emotion we all have in common that nobody is talking about. Shame can exist from our childhood, broken relationships, low self-esteem, money difficulties, sexuality, divorce, mental illness, physical illness, addiction, bullying, herpes,...

Exploring Possibilities


EP302 Doron-Yitzchak Gibor Ayahuasca’s Role in Developing His Breakthrough Coaching & Healing

Exploring Possibilities Host Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Possibilities Coach & Holistic Practitioner visits with returning guest Doron-Hitzchak Gibor, International Speaker, Healer, Master Coach ( & where he offers...

EP301 Danielle Rama Hoffman Magdalene Manifestation Creating Abundance on Exploring Possibilities

Danielle Rama Hoffman, Channel, Founder of Ascended Mastery Lineage of Thoth, & Author, ( discusses her new Magdalene Manifestation Cards and more with host Sheryl Sitts, Holistic Practitioner & Coach (

EP300 Robert Simmons on Moldavite: Starborn Stone of Transformation on Exploring Possibilities

Robert Simmons (, Co-Founder of Heaven and Earth, Speaker, Author, and advocate for the moldavite as a beautiful gift for personal and collective planetary transformation visits with host Sheryl Sitts, Holistic Practitioner & Coach...

EP299 Shamanism feat. don Oscar Miro-Quesada Solero on Exploring Possibilities

don Oscar Miro-Quesada Solero (, Kamasqa Curandero, Altomisayoq Adept from Peru, Founder of The Heart of the Healer (THOTH) Shamanic Mystery School, and originator of Pachakuti Mesa Tradition cross-cultural shamanism joins host Sheryl...

EP298 Sheryl Sitts Being Adopted: Missing a Mother’s Love on Exploring Possibilities

In this episode, show creator/producer Mario Rosales ( is our host to interview our usual host Sheryl Sitts, Holistic Possibilities Practitioner ( about being adopted. An estimated 5 million Americans are...

EP297 Dr. Steven Farmer Personal Encounters with Spirit Animals

Dr. Steven Farmer (, Licensed Psychotherapist, Shamanic Practitioner, Board Member of the Society of Shamanic Practice & Author joins host Sheryl Sitts, Holistic Practitioner & Coach ( to discuss: How Dr....

EP296 Eva Marquez How to Activate Your Cosmic DNA

Eva Marquez ( is a spiritual consultant, healer, teacher, and writer with Pleiadian starseed ancestry. She works with her guides, Lights of the Universe, who are a collective group of light beings from various star nations. She teaches...

EP295 Cheri J. Najor Parenting & Leadership Without Saying “No”? YES!

Cheri J. Najor, MSW, CSW, has spent the last 25 years helping top corporate and military leaders and executives create powerful mindsets to better lead, have healthier relationships, and achieve extraordinary results as a top trainer of Emotional Intelligence and...

EP294 Julia Hollenbery Our Delicious Universe & The Healing Powers of Pleasure

Julia Paulette Hollenbery ( is an experienced spiritual therapist blending Grinberg Bodywork, craniosacral therapy, constellations and Kashmiri Tantra with expertise in shamanism, sufism, kabbalah, gurdjieff, and inquiry to guide...

EP293 Samantha Gollikner on Healing, Following Divine Guidance, & Staying Present

Samantha Gollikner, Psychic, Medium, Author & Healer ([email protected]) talks with host Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Possibilities Coach & Holistic Practitioner ( about: Was Samantha always open as she is now? She discusses...

Sheryl Sitts

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EP288 Ritika Arya on Rudolph Steiner’s Biography Work

EP288 Ritika Arya on Rudolph Steiner’s Biography Work

Ritika Arya is an international speaker, certified Waldorf Educator from CSETT (Centre for Steiner Education and Teacher Training), healing facilitator, and the Founder of the NGO Young Innovators Foundation providing holistic education to youth in India and...

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