EP303 Anne-Marie Keppel Explores Death (and its Effect on Life) on Exploring Possibilities

Anne-Marie Keppel, Death Doula, Community Deathcare Educator, Nursing Assistant, International Author & Teacher (http://www.annemariekeppel.com) visits with host Sheryl Sitts (http://www.sherylsitts.com) to explore:

  • Our cultural aversion to opening up about death despite it being the one place we are all most certainly going
  • Her book Death Nesting: The Heart Centered Practices of a Death Doula (available at https://amzn.to/46qeteQ with a small gratuity supporting this show at no additional cost to you) released through Inner Traditions and Bear Publishing
  • The importance of facing our own mortality to be a clear resource for others who are dying
  • According to Anne-Marie, anyone who cares for the dying is a death doula and she hopes we reduce barriers to being more available for our loved ones in their deaths, when possible
  • She touches on the work of her non-profit to support changes that enable us to be more present for our loved ones in this process
  • They discuss what happens with the body and senses during the dying process, and what we should be aware of
  • How institutionalized death has become until many people have never even seen a dead body, and how we often don’t invite the dead to their own funerals, or the ever more popular “celebrations of life”
  • They explore the impact on us individually and our culture from being death-averse and pain averse
  • Anne-Marie explores a couple of her most-often-asked questions and her responses to those
  • Sheryl asks Anne-Marie what she would recommend that would be more helpful to survivors than her up-until-now plan to be cremated and remembered through a celebration of life (hint: 2 ceremonies with time between for the emotional journey)

…and so much more!

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