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Are you ready to overcome internal and external barriers, create deep, lasting happiness, and enjoy your most fulfilling life? Join me on an amazing Journey of Possibilities!

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Self-Study Programs (Classes Coming Soon)

Vibrational Sound Sessions

Discover the power of sound to relax and restore yourself in a private session.


Drumming Circles, Sound Immersion Journeys, Private Ceremonies & More!

Exploring Possibilities Podcast

A journey to Remember Who You Are  since 2012

Ready to Reclaim Your Power?

Isn’t it easier to play small than to really embrace our truth?  Do you ever catch yourself holding back when you want or need to speak up?  putting the opinions and approval of others above your own?  pleasing others before taking care of your own health and wellness? diluting your personal energy/possibility thru competition rather than multiplying it in collaboration?  These patterns play out in our personal and professional lives until we finally slow down, make peace with the past and practice loving self-care to find the joy, vitality, and possibilities we seek! Relationships finally flow.  Peace becomes our natural state.  Abundance comes with ease and joy as we live in harmony with ourselves, others and our beautiful planet.  Integrated holistic living is the ultimate Journey of Possibilities.  Are you ready?


Is Money a Challenge?

If you want to work with me, I want to work with you.  It's that simple!   If cash flow is a particular challenge for you, reach out. The indigenous Q’ero of South America practice “ayni”  or the sacred art of reciprocity.  I embrace this philosophy of equality and respect.  In short, those who can pay in cash; those who can't pay in kind.  What might you offer instead of money for our time together?   What talents might you exchange for my services? What can you make?  What can you do?   What possessions might you offer, or transform through your talents to offer in exchange? Administrative support?  Meal prep?  Lawn or home maintenance? Sewing?  Cooking?  Crafts?  A collaborative project? Healthy produce, meat, meals, or products? Pet sitting?  Gemstones?  Books?  Crystals?  Let's play in possibility.  Contact me today!

About Me

Throughout years of personal success, even helping others succeed, I was privately running from painful childhood events and struggling with self-love and physical intimacy. To cope, I alternated between numbing out with alcohol or drugs, losing myself in work, and seeking help in religion, therapy and the self-help circuit. Divorced, unemployed and desperate in my mid forties, I took a leap of faith and emptied my bank account to accompany a medicine man into the Peruvian Amazon. This began a decade of deep holistic and spiritual transformation to embrace joy, peace and health.  

As I learn I share and together we ascend into greater awareness and expression of our true infinite Divine potential!  I do this through speaking, broadcasting, writing and facilitating privates sessions and a variety of group events and classes involving sound and vibrational healing, energy work, breath work, plants as medicine, and much more.  I AM a Journey of Possibilities...so are you! Come play in with me in possibility!


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