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Explore your Divine potential and live your purpose with joy, peace, and vitality… naturally!  Possibilities coaching, sound therapy, breathwork, epigenetics, drumming circles, information-packed podcasts & more.  Join me on a Journey of Possibilities!

Programs & Classes

Self-Study Programs (Classes Coming Soon)

Vibrational Sound Sessions

Discover the power of sound to relax and restore yourself in a private session.


Drumming Circles, Sound Immersion Journeys, Private Ceremonies & More!

Exploring Possibilities Podcast

Holistic, spiritual, & galactic interviews since 2012

Ready to Reclaim Your Power?

Have you ever noticed yourself holding back when you wanted to speak up?  Have you put the wants, needs, and or approval of others before yourself? Has your own health and wellness suffered from putting everyone else first? Do you lose part of yourself through competition rather than expanding in collaboration?  These patterns effect us personally, professionally, romantically, financially…vitally! Are you ready to slow down, make peace with your past and develop habits of self-care to come home to your own deep joy and vitality? Let your relationships flow. Rest into a natural state of peace. Welcome abundance with ease and joy. Integrated holistic living is our ultimate Journey of Possibilities.  Are you ready?


If you want to work with me, I want to work with you.  Sometimes cash flow is a challenge, so let's work out something else. While I can only work with a limited number of clients on barter at any given time in order to maintain my own flow, let's discuss what we might exchange in lieu of money for our time together! What talents do you have and what would you like to offer? What can you create or provide? Administrative support?  Meal prep?  Lawn or home maintenance? Sewing?  Cooking?  Crafts?  A collaborative project? Healthy meals or products? Pet sitting?  Gemstones?  Books?  Crystals?  Something else? Let's play in possibility.  Contact me today!

About Me

Despite an outwardly successful life, deep inner turmoil kept me alternating between numbing out with alcohol or drugs to losing myself in my own success and business (busy-ness) to looking for help in therapy, religion, and self-help offerings. Divorced, unemployed and desperate in my mid forties, I took a leap of faith and emptied my bank account to accompany a medicine man into the Peruvian Amazon and opened my home to a Starseed Transformation Coach. This began a deep dive into holistic, spiritual, and multidimensional  healing and expansion. Now a practitioner myself, I love helping others find deeper peace and joy to live their best lives.  I AM a Journey of Possibilities and so are you! Let's play in possibility.


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