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Sheryl Sitts – My Story

What a journey is this life! Given up for adoption through the State of California at birth into the care of a deeply loving but dysfunctional family, I was raised with the best education, medical care, and provisions while also experiencing sexual abuse, bankruptcy, addiction/codependency, and unexpressed emotions. I learned to mask my low self-esteem and unresolved pain behind achievements and success.  Beneath it all, my true emotions seeped out in my closest relationships. We can’t love anyone more than we love ourselves and I didn’t care for myself very much. I did manage to excel in goal setting, time and money management, and communication and even coached others! Longing for the joy I thought success would provide, I sought resolution in the church, professional counseling, and personal growth workshops with little success. I was divorced and between jobs in my mid-forties when I cried out to the Divine of my understanding to please help me! I simply couldn’t bear these self-destructive repeating patterns anymore.  Soon I met and began working with holistic and shamanic practitioners in healing sessions and ceremonies working with sound, breathwork, sacred plant medicines and more. I traveled into the Peruvian Amazon to work with a medicine man, attended a silent meditation retreat, participated in hypnosis, did Reiki and energy work and more. Finding more healing and peace than I had imagined possible, I also became certified as a practitioner of breathwork, sound therapy, expanded coaching techniques, and epigenetics to support others. I continue to publish podcast interviews with practitioners and authors on all types of holistic healing and spiritual growth. I am so grateful to share that I am now in the most loving relationship ever with myself and with a wonderful man! I light up when I can empower others through success skills and inner growth/healing to achieve their dreams in the most fulfilling ways. If you would like to connect and see if we are a good match to explore new possibilities together, contact me for a free consultation!

Why Work With Me?

Do you want more out of life?  Feeling stuck? Noticing repeating patterns in your relationships, finances, or career and want to break the cycle? Are you haunted by childhood pain and can't seem to get past it? With a compassionate heart and a touch of stress-relieving humor, we can gently discover and resolve unconscious stories and generational trauma, creating new freedom and habits that bring you more energy, peace, and joy. (I also work with a network of amazing professionals from all walks of life, so together I know we can help you! You deserve it! Schedule a free consultation now.

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