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Sheryl Sitts – My Story

Throughout the events and relationships that have made up my adventurous life, I have been successful by social standards while feeling like any minute someone was going to realize I didn’t really deserve it, I wasn’t really good enough, I didn’t belong.  When I wasn’t numbing out in various was, I dove into self-help books, workshops, religion, and/or therapy to try and fix myself. My low self-esteem from being adopted, childhood sexual abuse, family bankruptcy and more kept me from feeling the joy of all I achieved, or the love of those who cared deeply for me.  This led to divorce and unemployment in my mid-forties, and then everything changed.  I discovered plant medicines and other ancient practices, emptied my savings account to join a medicine man in the Peruvian Amazon and began reconnecting to my natural essence.  I became a magnet attracting holistic practitioners and teachers. I learned all I could, found deep healing, and even became a practitioner to help others.  I dusted off my broadcasting skills to create a decade of podcasts interviewing amazing authors, healing arts practitioners and mentors on a variety of natural ways to heal and live in harmony with life.  I wrote about many of my experiences in my blog, created a digital magazine which is still archived on this site, and more. Now I help others become all they can be and find health and happiness through coaching, mentoring, and private healing sessions. Schedule a free consultation and let’s discover if we’re a good match to work together!   I’d love to support you in your Journey of Possibilities.

Why Work With Me?

Do you struggle with stress or anxiety?  Do you feel stuck in patterns that hurt in your relationships, health, career, etc?  Do you rely on caffeine to pick you up and wine or weed to mellow you out? How do you sleep at night? Life can be such a rewarding experience!  Don't suffer another minute. Whether your pain is physical or emotional, I bring an open heart and a healthy sense of humor to gently help you identify and resolve unconscious issues, release childhood and generational trauma, and develop new habits that support you in creating the life, health, and happiness you really want! Of course you can figure all of this out for yourself, but why wait?  Haven't you suffered enough? You deserve peace and joy NOW!  Schedule a free consultation and let's see how I can best support you in your Journey of Possibilities.

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