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Sheryl Sitts – My Story

Throughout years of personal success during which I even empowered others to succeed, I was unconsciously avoiding painful childhood events I never learned how to cope with while struggling with self-esteem and physical intimacy. To cope, I alternated between numbing out with alcohol or drugs, losing myself in work, and periods during which I sought help through the church, counseling, and the self-help circuit. When I found myself divorced, unemployed and starting over in my mid forties, I took a leap of faith and emptied my bank account to accompany a medicine man into the Amazon jungles of Peru. This began ten years of deep holistic, spiritual transformation for me to finally embrace joy, peace and health.  

As I learn, I share so we might ascend together into greater awareness and expression of our true infinite Divine potential!  I do this through teaching/ speaking, broadcasting, writing and facilitating private sessions and group events involving sound and vibrational healing, energy work, breath work, plants as medicine, and much more.  I AM a Journey of Possibilities…so are you! Come play in with me in possibility!

Why Work With Me?

Do you struggle with stress or anxiety?  Are your closest relationships stuck in painful patterns or cycles until you have resigned yourself that this is as good as it gets... or possibly given up altogether?  Do you need caffeine for energy and later wine or a little something more to mellow out? How are you sleeping at night?  Life does not have to be this way!  With an open heart and a healthy sense of humor, we can identify and resolve deep underlying issues, release old habits that no longer serve you and create a new story!   Of course you can this on your own, but haven't you struggled with that long enough?  Why suffer another minute? You deserve peace and joy... NOW!  I am honored to support you in your journey.

Education and Experience

Education & Certifications

  • Master of Public Administration, SHSU, 2011
  • BA Interpersonal & Mass Communication, SHSU, 2002
  • Certified Family Mediator, Dispute Resolution, 2011
  • Certified Business Mediator, Dispute Resolution, 2011
  • Leadership Montgomery County, Class Leader, 2009
  • ONE-TLC Personal Healing & Transformation, 2016
  • Ordained Minister Universal Life Church 2021
  • Experts Academy 2012
  • Sponsorship Boot Camp 2013
  • Landmark Education Forum 2000
  • Custom energy work sessions blending Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki & Pranic Healing with vibrational healing via drums, singing bowls, crystals, gemstones and essential oils 2013
  • Numerology 2013, Spiritual Numerology 2019
  • 5th Rite Munay Ki from Don Eduardo of Peru 2017
  • Tao Initiate 2015


  • Professional Broadcaster, Houston’s “Mix 96.5” Host of MIX After Dark: Requests & Dedications and KTEX-106 Brenham/Bryan/College Station
  • TEDx The Woodlands Speaker: Communicate from the Heart
  • Leadership Advisory Board, Texas AgriLife Extension
  • Leadership Advisory Board, Salvation Army of Conroe
  • Family Self-Sufficiency Coach, Montgomery County Housing Authority
  • Education for Tomorrow Alliance (EfTA) Development Officer & Volunteer Coordinator
  • Outreach Specialist, REI Willowbrook
  • Office Manager, Front Office Business Centers
  • Office Manager/Full-Charge Bookkeeper Terra Surveying Company
  • Participant in hundreds of healing ceremonies feat. entheogens, sound and breathwork
  • Vipassana 10 Day Silent Meditation Retreat

Books & Publications

Below you will find my free ebook and archives of our digital magazine.  Enjoy the timeless wisdom contained therein!


How To Jump Of A Cliff And Fly

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