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Sheryl Sitts – My Story

Throughout my amazing roller-coaster life of events and relationships, I was very successful by American Dream measures. Inside, however, I struggled to feel like I belonged, like I was good enough, like I deserved success or happiness. I sought help overcoming low self-esteem and childhood experiences (given up for adoption, sexual abuse, bankruptcy/fear of scarcity, and more) through self-help books and workshops, therapy, and the church. Disappointed by those, I turned to achievements and perfectionism to boost my self-esteem and numbed out privately with alcohol, drugs, and sex.  When I ended up divorced and unemployed in my mid forties, I took a leap of faith and emptied my savings account to accompany a medicine man into the Peruvian Amazon to film a documentary about the healing power of plant medicines. I was denied ayahuasca, and the film would never be used, but that trip changed my life in ways I could never have imagined!  I was insatiable in my hunger for ancient holistic wisdom and practices to heal and live a healthy, happy life.  Now more than ten years later, I have awakened to my innate gifts and love helping others find their way to healthier, happier living naturally!  I’ve shared so much of my journey right here in this website!  Dig into my personal blog, enjoy listening to hundreds of podcast interviews, check out our digital magazine archive and other goodies. Better yet, schedule a free consultation and let’s see if we’re a good match to work together!   I’d love to support your Journey of Possibilities.

Why Work With Me?

Do you struggle with stress or anxiety?  Do you feel stuck in patterns that hurt in your relationships, health, career, etc?  Do you rely on caffeine to pick you up and wine or weed to mellow you out? How do you sleep at night? Life can be such a rewarding experience!  Don't suffer another minute. Whether your pain is physical or emotional, I bring an open heart and a healthy sense of humor to gently help you identify and resolve unconscious issues, release childhood and generational trauma, and develop new habits that support you in creating the life, health, and happiness you really want! Of course you can figure all of this out for yourself, but why wait?  Haven't you suffered enough? You deserve peace and joy NOW!  Schedule a free consultation and let's see how I can best support you in your Journey of Possibilities.

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