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Sheryl Sitts – My Story

What a journey is this life! Taken at birth and placed for adoption through the State of California was both a profoundly sacrificial gift of love and a core wound that shaped my life. I was soon adopted by a deeply loving, dysfunctional family into an environment of ultimate care and education, sexual abuse, motivation to achieve, bankruptcy, addiction/codependency, anger, and emotional constipation. All of this inspired college and career success to hide my low self esteem and tumultuous personal relationships. It is true that we can’t love anyone more than we love ourselves, and I did not love myself at all.  Excelling at setting and achieving goals, I became successful and even coached others in such success, all the while at night alternating between addiction, self-help books/workshops, religion, counseling and more to try and heal my inner pain and disconnect. I was a hot mess, coming undone from within until I ended up laid-off and divorced in my mid-forties. Desperate to break these self-defeating patterns with no idea how, I cried out for help to the God of my understanding. My soul led me to take a leap of faith and empty my savings account for a fateful trip into the Peruvian Amazon with a medicine man.  Through ancient indigenous practices, I found the God I’d long sought (within me all along!) and began my “2012 shift) journey of spiritual and physical healing, and later discovering how to help others do the same. I now experience more peace, joy, and expansion than I’d imagined possible. What I lovingly call Quantum Divinity, I facilitate the shedding of everyone else’s stories for ourselves, all those “should”s and “could”s, so we can find and embrace our own Divine wholeness and passions, to discover how to best express ourselves for our greatest fulfillment and impact. I still help with goal setting and achievement, now encouraging that this is built on a solid foundation of daily practices in self-love/self-care, intimately experiencing the Divine of our understanding, and managing our innate gifts of intuition, empathy, self-healing, and for some, awakening to our Starseed essence.  Sessions with me might include transformational coaching, private sound Reiki sessions w/crystals and essential oils, spiritual readings for guidance, breath work facilitation to manage stress and anxiety and relax through challenges, and epigenetics to heal ancestral trauma. Check out hundreds of podcast interviews with inspiring holistic and spiritual change agents and collaboratively created archived holistic digital magazines! I have even become ordained to officiate your ceremonies. If you would like help discovering and creating your happiest self and life, let’s connect for a free consultation to see if we’re a good match and how I can might support you in your Journey of Possibilities.

Why Work With Me?

Have you noticed you are kind of stuck in some repeating patterns in relationships with others, with money, or in business?  Do you rely on caffeine for energy or a drink or two after work to relax? How are you sleeping? Life doesn't have to be like this!  Whether your pain is physical or emotional, it's all connected and there is another way! With an open heart and mind and a healthy sense of humor, I'd love to help you gently discover and resolve the often unconscious stories to release childhood / generational trauma  and create new habits that will result in the happiness and vitality you want!  You deserve peace and joy NOW!  Schedule a free consultation and let's see how I can best support you in your Journey of Possibilities.

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