Private Readings

Are you looking for body/energy work? Please visit

  • May I bring you clarity and insight, empowering you to powerfully create what you really want?
  • May I inspire you toward change(s) to improve your peace, abundance, vitality and joy?
  • Would you appreciate guidance in certain challenges you face now?
  • Can I provide reassurance where you may lack confidence or resolve?

These are not predictive, “you’ll be married in six months” or, “invest in XYZ and avoid ABC” readings. You alone create your future: moment by moment, belief by belief. Predictive readings identify one possibility for you to embrace and create, then missing all other (possibly more beneficial) possibilities. How would that serve your highest good?

Sometimes it can be difficult to hear Divine guidance when we are confused or overwhelmed. Working with our guides and angels, I bring through what you most need to hear to create your best life with greater joy, confidence, and clarity.

Intuitive readings last approximately 45 minutes for a $50 investment. To schedule, please visit HERE. Before our session, please prepare up to 5 questions in the format, “Please provide guidance around (challenge, problem, relationship, situation, decision”).

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