Guidelines to Submit Articles & Guest Blogs

JourneyOfPossibilitiesTHANK YOU for your interest in submitting original, unpublished articles and guest blogs on holistic, spiritual living!  Please review our guidelines below and then email your contribution with photos to [email protected].

  • 800 word average length will not scare off the busy reader and keeps most readers’ attention.  If you have more content or wish to dive deep into a subject, consider creating and submitting a series or articles for publication.
  • Inspire the reader as you inform, educate, and relate your own life experiences.  We want a personal approach, not an infomercial.
  • Open your heart and connect as you would with a dear friend.  Don’t assume readers we know what you’re talking about.  Lots of examples and personal experiences keep it interesting, personal, and conversational.
  • Try a gentle, loving approach.  Please do not prescribe, dictate, or come across as ‘preachy’.
  • Again…ORIGINAL content is what we request here.  As a creator, you have unlimited content within you.  Fresh content is most interesting.
  • Pictures help convey your message and break up content.  Attach images you are authorized to publish to your email.  You may wish to take the pictures yourself and obtain releases from anyone appearing in them.  You can also use images you obtain though the Internet as long as they authorize redistribution/publication.  Cite your sources.  If you don’t submit images, we will choose some to publish with your content.
  • About the Author:  Below your article, please include up to 375 characters (including spaces) about you written in 3rd person (i.e. Sheryl Sitts is a holistic practitioner…she…”.  Include your website for them to reach out and connect with you.  Include a headshot to place beside your introductory paragraph.
  • SHARE your contribution on your website, through social media, in your newsletter, or in an email.

We reserve editorial rights and oversight.  Some editing may occur for space requirements or grammatical support.  We also reserve the right to refuse publication for any reason.  Your submission conveys rights for us to publish on our site in perpetuity.

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