EP288 Ritika Arya on Rudolph Steiner’s Biography Work

Ritika Arya is an international speaker, certified Waldorf Educator from CSETT (Centre for Steiner Education and Teacher Training), healing facilitator, and the Founder of the NGO Young Innovators Foundation providing holistic education to youth in India and consulting worldwide. She is very involved with MTVO (http://www.mtvo.org) where you can also schedule a session with her, and she works with Youth Section of India affiliated with International Youth Section. Most recently she has spent three years studying to facilitate Rudolph Steiner’s Biography work which she discusses today with her most recent recipient of this powerful work, show host Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Possibilities Coach & Holistic Practitioner (http://www.sherylsitts.com).

  • On her last show appearance in May 2017 (https://www.journeyofpossibilities.com/exploring-possibilities-ritika-arya-on-anthroposophy-global-consciousness-heart-centered-living/), Ritika and Sheryl discussed how they met at TEDx The Woodlands and her previous work with Rudolph Steiner and Waldorf education.
  • Ritika shares how she was intuitively guided to invest so much time and energy into studying Biography work before she had any understanding the scope of what was required, and the pattern this reflects within her own life, and how she’s learning to trust herself and her guidance
  • They laugh over how they were guided to work together in Biography work that led both of them into three months of sessions and a deep dive into the totality of the scope of life
  • They discuss how to listen and hear spiritual guidance and Divine alignment, as well as how some get the answer in their bodies and others get their confirmation in other ways
  • What is Biography? Ritika shares what it means to her as a platform to look at life as a compassionate observer / witness to reveal the dance, tunes, and patterns that unfold to facilitate a deeper sense of creating our reality and understanding how the dance unfolds
  • Sheryl shares the power of reviewing her entire 56 year life in 7 year segments weekly in sessions with Ritika and how her guiding questions helped to prompt deeper exploration, and how she feel in love with the totality of her life for the first time
  • Sheryl discusses how her shame rose up during the process and how she was able to process through it with a true compassionate witness and Ritika discusses what it is like to be trusted as a facilitator to reflect back that trust and love to encourage more to arise and be seen
  • They talk about how releasing things creates space for something new, and the power of intentionally guiding what we want to fill that space with vs. allowing anything to fill itself in
  • The profound nature of looking at life from many different perspectives until we can’t help but see the profound beauty of it all, ex. why we choose to be born exactly where and when we were born and how that impacts our lives
  • What does it look like to step into the true creatorship of our lives?
  • The difference between forcing life to happen as we want it and setting intentions to then flow with life and recognize synchronicities and signs as they appear for our conscious interaction
  • The various stages of life development according to Steiner and how this can be helpful to parents and others working with youth to understand what is going on inside of them, driving their behaviors at various ages

…and so much more. Enjoy!

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