EP300 Robert Simmons on Moldavite: Starborn Stone of Transformation on Exploring Possibilities

Robert Simmons (http://heavenandearthjewelry.com), Co-Founder of Heaven and Earth, Speaker, Author, and advocate for the moldavite as a beautiful gift for personal and collective planetary transformation visits with host Sheryl Sitts, Holistic Practitioner & Coach (http://www.sherylsitts.com) about this now widely popular tektite, specifically

  • His latest publication, The Book of Moldavite, Starborn Stone of Transformation (available at https://amzn.to/3B9Qy4Y with a small gratuity supporting this show at no additional cost to you)
  • Moldavite as a meteoric gemstone or tektite formed millions of years ago, colliding in the Racz crater in Germany and falling in what is now the Czech Republic as a metaphor of joining heaven and earth
  • Robert’s personal journey from gemstone jewelry to such a focus on moldavite it would seem moldavite chose him as an advocate
  • Sparked with an idea for a commemorative pendant for the upcoming Haley’s Comet, he found himself at a friend’s home who recommended including moldavite and produced the fateful 1958 article on moldavite that led Robert to a 4-hour conversation with its author and his first samples of moldavite
  • Robert experiences similar to hundreds of others who have connecdted with moldavite: the stimulation of rapid spiritual evolution and personal transformation. – Sheryl shares how reading Robert’s book and the testimonials of many others helped her realize the role moldavite had played in her own spiritual journey the past several years
  • Robert shares that within the first few months of connecting wtih moldavite, his troubled marriage dissolved, he abruptly stopped drinking alchohol and eating meat, and started paying more attention to spirituality, meeting his now-wife Kathy who inspired hiim to begin meditating daily with moldavite, having recognized herself the importance it would have for him and many others.
  • Robert couldn’t feel anything from stones, even after they opened their shop. After mortgaging everything for the Haley’s Comet project, it was cancelled, leaving Robert with a lot of moldavite. Initially meditating daily with his hands in two buckets of moldavite, he went to holding one special piece for months in daily meditations with no results. He vividly recalls the meditation that changed everything, allowing him to forever feel crystals and and teach about them, and to experience spirituality in a new way.
  • Sheryl and Robert discuss how imagination is the doorway to spiritual experience, and how to create that for yourself through attention, intention, and imagination (more fully explained by Robert in his book The Alchemy of Stones).
  • Robert warns against doubting your experiences by thinking they are “just your imagination”. He explains this denegrates imagination, which is the incredible power of creativity that allows us to imagine things into being. Sheryl calls it our Spark of Divinity, and Robert adds that it is how we and Divinity find each other.
  • Sheryl asks about counterfeit moldavite and how to know it is authentic. The most recent wave was during the pandemic, especially in 2021 on TikTok with one video getting 540 million views, sparking demand and creating a shorteage in supply which prompted many counterfeiters, especially in China where many fake minerals are generated. Most cheap moldavite offered online is not moldavite but bottle glass. Robert recommends buying where you can obtain a written guarantee from a long-term supplier. There is no Columbian Moldavite, African transparent moldavite, no white moldavite, etc. All moldavite originates in the Czech Republic and is green.
  • Moldavite has different healing powers and intensity when paired with a variety of other gemstones and crystals. Robert covers this as well as moldavite essences, and other ways to use it for healing in his book.
  • Robert discusses one of his favorite ways of bringing healing to people and places using “photonic layouts” of gemstone placement onto photographs of people, animals, and places to bring healing to them through radionics, and the pronounced impact of leaving these in place for several days. He discusses one current case helping someone get huge relief from the fatigue experienced after exposure to black mold (as shown in the book). He also shares the background of radionics from the 50s when pesticides and fertilizers were applied to photos of farms such that minimal amounts of these would impact vast acreages, and how that information was suppressed by the impacted industries.
  • Robert emphasizes getting permission before working on someone, especially because the effectiveness of this is in the combined imagining of both parties.
  • Choose a piece of moldavite that resonates for you. Robert’s company Heaven and Earth has people trained to work intuitively with the customers to help you choose your stone if you are ordering online. (http://heavenandearthjewelry.com)
  • Robert ties moldavite to the legends of the Stone of Shambhala (aka the Cintamani or Chintamani Stone), the Holy Grail (legendarily connected to the Celts who began in the Czech Republic before migrating to Great Britain), the Emerald Tablet, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, and more.
  • Sheryl invites Robert to share a couple of moldavite pieces that include a Lemurian Point crystal with moldavite stones and a quartz pyramid with moldavite attached, discussing how it focuses energies for body work. Sheryl shows a couple of the photo pages of images from The Book of Moldavite showing large pieces held by the Moldavite Museum in the Czech Republic.
  • Robert summarizes that the benefits available to everyone through moldavite are that it, “accelerates your spiritual growth, amplifies your energy field, discharges what you need to let go of, and attracts what you need to bring in,” calling it “a real blessing and part of the shift in consciousness that is going to be enveloping all of humanity…the transformation of earth so that heaven and earth become one.”
  • As a parting thought, Robert shars that moldavite went first to his heart, and that’s the center from where we can all open, where the spark of Divinity is in each of us.

…all of this and much more!

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