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We Are Always Manifesting: How to Consciously Create Our Heart’s Desires by Sheryl Sitts

“How can I learn to manifest?”

Classes, books, and programs on how to manifest have become all the rage. Ironically, we are already manifesting. In fact, we couldn’t stop manifesting if we tried!

To manifest is to create what we call “reality” on this physical plane. As vibrational energetic beings, we radiate a frequency into the world with each breath that is influenced by our deepest beliefs, attitudes, and emotions. We then “manifest” that frequency moment by moment into the cells of our physical bodies which translates into the relationships and circumstances of our lives.

Like attracts like, yet we are often unconscious of old suppressed beliefs, emotions, and attitudes created previously in response to trauma that we still carry and project to attract more unpleasant people and situations. Epigenetics reveals that we even carry the trauma/response of our ancestors in our DNA which further influences our vibration. Imagine that you are still projecting your great-great-great-grandparents guilt and pride, shame and confidence, anger and joy, unworthiness and deserving, distrust and trust, hunger and satiation, scarcity and abundance, radiating all of those outward unconsciously. No wonder what we manifest may not match our conscious dreams!

Imagine a woman with a history of being belittled, humiliated and bullied by women in power. She experienced it from her mother (it actually went back five generations) and has continued to receive such treatment from teachers and bosses throughout her life. She expects at the deepest level of her being that women in authority will bully her, and she believes all women are that way. Her experiences repeatedly prove this to be correct until she has a lot of evidence to support her belief. She also attracts friends who receive similar treatment, and they commiserate together about how badly women in power treat other women.

One day, this woman has had enough and she begins to reach out to the broken little girl inside her and to be the woman who respects her and helps her heal. She starts to develop new habits of lovingly speaking up for herself while continuing to respect those in power. Eventually, she finds a new position or attracts a new boss into her current position who treats her with the respect and praise she has always desired. A couple of her friends ask her how she’s done this and they also shift. The rest are not yet ready, gradually distancing themselves as she attracts new empowered female friends. Her views about women in power are changing as she continues to heal and empower herself. She has transformed her situation from the inside out.

As this story shows, it is possible to shift at any time to create a new reality for ourselves. It is about becoming conscious of whatever is showing up right now and working with that. Every baby step forward shifts the nature of the reality we create for ourselves. The journey forward truly does begin with a single step. That first step is awareness and that comes when we stop being so perpetually busy and learn to be still. In that stillness, asking ourselves about a certain challenge, “What must I believe, consciously or unconsciously, to create this for myself?”

Journaling can be a fabulous way for us to explore answers that arise to this question. Giving ourselves the necessary time and space to be still and sit with what arises, however unpleasant, and allow it to be. We don’t have to love it to accept it. Acceptance is simply allowing what is to be. From that place, all possibilities arise.

Sometimes intense pain arises and we freeze up in fear or can’t seem to move forward. This is when a holistic, spiritual coach or practitioner can be most beneficial! Reaching out and seeking support helps us to navigate all that is arising and learn new habits and behaviors as we heal, clear and release that which no longer serves us from our vibrational
field. Seeking Divine guidance, we always find just the right person. Investing in ourselves is also an act of self-love that raises our vibration.

Manifesting our dreams is about aligning our beliefs, attitudes, and emotions in the same frequency as that which our hearts desire. Failure to manifest what we seek is about exploring to find the misalignment and then taking steps to shift that.

Our greatest journey of possibilities is the journey inward through the layers to transform our lives from the inside out!  And you can do it, without a doubt.

Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Speaker/Broadcaster, Writer & Facilitator

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