Vibrational Sound Sessions

Private sound sessions bring relief and relaxation to clients with chest congestion/pain, spine and nerve issues in their backs, hips and/or legs, sciatica, muscle spasms, Parkinson’s disease, and more!  They bring renewed clarity and insight to assist clients in seeing new possibilities, making difficult choices, and working through challenging times in their relationships, careers and lives.  

Step out of your busy life and into serenity to release stress, tension, pain, and all that no longer serves you.  We begin our 1-1/2 hours together discussing what you most want to achieve during your session. Next we call in our guides, angels, archangels and ancestors to guide me and to hold you in safety and love to release and receive the Divine healing energies and vibrations that come through my hands and the drums, bowls, chimes, rain-stick, essential oils, crystals and gemstones.   You will feel relaxed and restored as you raise your vibration and return to a state of greater well-being and vitality.  To assist with integrating the healing, guidance, and insights, please allow yourself time afterwards to reflect and journal before returning to your regular schedule.  Be aware that new sensations and awarenesses may arise for hours or even days following your session.  

INVESTMENT: You decide based upon value you receive and your personal means. SCHEDULE: HERE.

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