In-Person Private Sessions

Sound therapy brings relief and relaxation to clients with chest congestion/pain, spine and nerve issues in their backs, hips and/or legs, sciatica, muscle spasms, Parkinson’s disease, and more!  This can be particularly beneficial for someone who is unable to receive massage. Renews clarity and brings insight to assist clients in seeing new possibilities, making difficult choices, and working through challenging times in relationships, careers and lives.  

Is something troubling you physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually? Maybe you’re seeking guidance or assistance to take your health, relationships, or entrepreneurship to the next level?

We start in conversation setting our intentions for the session and connecting with guides and angels to ask questions and get answers. As I am intuitively guided, I blend coaching, mentoring, channeling, breath work, soul retrieval, energy work, sacred geometry, sound therapy (drums, singing bowls, crystals, and gemstones) and essential oils to empower you with insight, clarity, and peace.

IMPORTANT: Please consume a light diet prior to our session and drink plenty of water. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes and bring “house socks” if you desire (you will be asked to remove your shoes upon arrival). Bring a journal. Schedule to allow time afterwards for continued integration of all that may arise. 

INVESTMENT: You decide based upon value you receive and your personal means. SCHEDULE: HERE.

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