For years I’ve struggled to tell myself, “I AM thin and beautiful” when I feel overweight or not very attractive.  I have the same discomfort telling myself I AM abundance during times when money is tight, or I AM possibility when my energy feels blocked.  The Law of Attraction and the endless number of manifestation coaches prevalent now tell us to declare our truths into being,  yet I feel like I’m lying to myself and that doesn’t resonate with my authenticity.

Today listening to the above presentation by Dr. Wayne Dyer, I had my big AHA.  I believe that this life experience is an illusion I have created in order to learn and expand my awareness, yet I see that its opposite is also part of my truth.  I AM ALL possibility choosing to have one narrow experience from the totality of all that I AM.

I also see that wanting to be thin and equating that as beautiful, wanting to have many material possessions and equating that with abundance, wanting to have a specific type of romance and equating that with love…all of that limits the reality of my true I AM.  I AM all that is, choosing to have a specific experience right now to discover how that feels in human skin, but really I AM ALL DIVINITY.  (This is beautifully described by Neal Donald Walsh in his children’s book Little Soul in the Sun).  

How empowering to embrace and declare, “I AM DIVINE” holding in my vision that what my senses experience right now is only the tip of the iceburg of all that I AM, only one facet of a jewel with infinite facets, reflections, depth, and brilliance.  I could not lie to myself about anything I say that I AM, because I AM all of it evolving into that in human form one incarnation at a time.  From there I know that where I focus my attention expands, so really what do I want to declare for myself?  I AM anything and everything!

Can you see yourself in this?  Does this contribute to your expansion?  I hope so!  You are the same I AM as me.  We are all one I AM having separate experiences of our infinite possibilities truth. Namaste.

Thank you Dr. Dyer for dedicating your life to exploring the great teachings and synthesizing them for us in these presentations.  Just think, I AM all of that already, too.  What an exciting journey stepping forward into greater and greater understanding and knowing of all that I AM with you.

With much love and gratitude,

Sheryl Sitts, Journey of Possibilities

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