chinese-coins-167824_640There are many Feng Shui products which have been believed to enhance wealth luck and augment affluence. By using the most common and desired items listed below, you will succeed in achieving abundant riches and fortune.

Wealth Ship – When placed inside the home, a wealth ship full of gold coins and jewels is an icon of a victorious venture. Increased income and material gain are only some of the Feng Shui benefits that will dock in your home with the wealth ship!

Wealth Pot – There have been many vessels used throughout the centuries to contain wealth and symbolize and endless flow of fortune; pots, vases, plates and bowls are only a few. By filling a Wealth Pot with treasures, you are symbolizing a constant flow towards you and your family of windfall luck and business success.

Wealth Inviting Crystal Trees – This special structure will do wonders in bringing you fortune. With a trunk made of resin and branches of copper with dangling crystals, this bonsai-like tree will also make a beautiful display. To swell sales and increase income, display the crystal gem tree in your workplace or office, in prominent places such as reception desks, lobby areas and beside cash registers. Partaking in this practice will ensure a solid gain in wealth and stable finances for the rest of your life.

Wealth God – Used widely in Chinese homes, ‘Chai Sen Yeh’ is a predominant icon of flowing fortune and preposterous prosperity. There are many festivals during the lunar New Year which honor his presence in the home, and the Chinese worship this God of Wealth in hopes that he will never hinder to bless them with wealth luck, good fortune and material gain.

Money Frog – This auspicious animal of wealth luck, also known as ‘Chan Chu’ or the ‘Three Legged Toad’, is highly revered as being able to increase income. It is said that he will appear in homes during every full moon, presenting families with prosperity. To benefit from his blessings, display the Money Frog in prominent places in your workplace, such as reception areas or next to cash registers.

Pi Yao – Also known as ‘Pi Xie’, this little being is said to always desire treasures and jewels. It is auspicious belief that since the Pi Yao does not have an anus, fortune will only be ingested and never released. Due to this, many Feng Shui followers keep the Pi Yao in their homes, to keep their affluence solid and stable.

Citrine – Also known as the ‘Merchant Stone’ by avid Feng Shui followers, this special stone was used in ancient China to bring the Feng Shui benefits of affluence, abundance and fortune. During the Period 8 (2004 – 2024), the Citrine will be even more effective in increasing your income and enhancing business success.

Gold Ingots – In ancient times, these ‘Yuen Bao’ were the means of money among emperors and government officials in China. Because of this, Feng Shui dictates that gold ingots are a potent symbol of everlasting wealth; they are often displayed in wealth ships and wealth vases, attracting money into the home.

Dragon – One of the auspicious animals in the Chinese zodiac, the Dragon is regarded as a mighty creature with a power that surpasses any other. The Dragon\’s ‘Sheng Chi’, a form of cosmic chi which created wealth and luck, will bring any home fortune, good blessings and abundance for eternity. In addition to this, a new sense of power will be attained by family members.

Arowana – Known as the ‘Golden Dragon Fish’, the Chinese highly respect this fish. Its similarity to the mighty dragon is a large factor in this; with its scales and two whiskers, it is said to bring with it money and prosperity. Also, in the Chinese language, the word for fish is ‘yu’; this is similar to the word for ‘abundance’. When the Arowana is displayed beside the dragon, it is the ultimate icon of wealth luck, potency and eternal prosperity.

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