“Release all that no longer serves you.”

That’s been our guidance for a long time in various spiritual communities.  It feels so good, so freeing to let go of those old heavy energies, doesn’t it?  But WAIT!

How do we really know what serves us and what no longer serves us?  Isn’t that just judging what’s good enough to keep and what to throw away?  What if we get it wrong?  Throw away the good bits?  Or what if there are no “bad” bits at all?  Where is the unconditional love here?

I explore this in my latest YouTube video below (subscribe to my channel HERE) and hope you find it beneficial in your own journey.

In my personal shamanic healing journey with sacred plant medicines (ayahuasca and many others), drumming, breathwork, sound, animal totems and more, I have learned to set an intention, get my aha, and then integrate or embody that into my daily life through changing habitual thoughts and actions.  What if we take it a step further to integrate with loving compassion and gratitude every aspect of this from the trauma itself, in its entirety, through all the resulting actions and behaviors and “mistakes” up until the ceremony, aha, and new ways of being?  What if all of it is equally beneficial and beautiful and perfect?  What if all we really ever need to release is our own judgments and condemnations about ourselves, others, and life?

If you’ve intrigued but you feel a bit stuck in this process or any other aspect in your own journey of possibilities, I would love to offer you a reading, energy work, coaching or any combination of these at just $1/minute with no minimum.  Please reach out and let’s connect! This may be a solo journey, but you are not alone!

With much love,
Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Holistic Spiritual Speaker, Coach & Practitioner
Founder, Journey of Possibilities ~ Are you ready to transform your life from the inside out?

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