EP291 Jeremy de los Santos DC Facilitates Drug-Free, Surgery-Free Health at Simple Life Chiropractic

Dr. Jeremy de los Santos, DC, Owner/Operator of Simple Life Chiropractic & Wellness in Montgomery, Texas (http://www.simplelifechiro.com) is the chiropractor of choice for host Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Possibilities Coach & Holistic Practitioner (http://www.sherylsitts.com). This week she interviews this native Texan family man who specializes in pediatrics and family care, is Certified in Peripheral Neuropathy, Chronic and Intractable Pain by the American College of Physical Medicine, and passionately supports and educates his community in optimum health without drugs or surgery. Specifically they discuss:

  • Why Dr. Jeremy became so passionate about not only living a holistic life but facilitating this lifestyle for others
  • Sheryl recalls in her 20s when she was living the wild life, having car accidents, partying, and generally not treating her body well, and how chiropractors were not as well recognized for dealing with these situations then, so fast forward 50 years and her body now has a lot to do to heal from this. She invites Dr. Jeremy to speak about why someone should not wait until they are in pain to visit a chiropractor. There is another 90% of the body (the nerves) functioning outside pain registration that means waiting for pain takes much longer for the body to stabilize and recover
  • Dr. Jeremy discusses the advances in technology that have produced non-invasive scans like Dr. Jeremy uses in his practice to evaluate a patient and learn much more about what is going on within the body, especially where stress and tension is building within the central nervous system
  • They discuss how we have become accustomed to wanting fast results, and natural medicine works different. Dr. Jeremy expands on this.
  • Gut health and functional nutrition are being more widely acknowledged as critical factors to overall health. Sheryl references her previous interview with Renu Agrawal (available at https://www.journeyofpossibilities.com/exploring-possibilities-holistic-health-nutrition-with-renu-agrawal/)
  • Dr. Jeremy explains why he is so passionate about pediatric chiropractic care and starting as young as possible to get and keep children healthy. He references Dr. Tony Ebel’s Perfect Storm workshop (https://www.premierwellnesschiro.com/getting-out-of-the-perfect-storm/) and how chiropractic care can significantly benefit not only all children but especially children on the spectrum to relax their central nervous system, the impact of proper nutrition and now to get ADD / ADHD children off Adderall and functioning well
  • Dr. Jeremy shares a personal story about his cousin who was otherwise physically fit but became a a bilateral amputee because of diabetic neuropathy, inspiring Dr. Jeremy to study and become certified in peripheral neuropathy, chronic and intractable pain to help patients feel better and also educate them how to slow the progresion of this chronic disease
  • Dr. Jeremy is also eager to spread the word that active military, wounded warriors and gold-star dependents as well as family members can receive free chiropractic care through The Patriot Project (http://www.patriot-project.org), a movement started by chiropractors to ensure veterans know that chiropractic care is included in veterans’ health benefits
  • Electro Regenerative Technology has arrived at Simple Life Chiropractic. Research shows that Pulse Electro Magnetic Field therapy (PEMF) supports the body vibrationally to facilitate faster healing and recovery. Dr. Jeremy discusses some of the research and its uses.

…and there’s more. Enjoy!

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