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Countdown to Sacred Plant Medicine Intensive: 2 Days

aaaDaisyThis weekend I received the wonderful news that a woman whose family I’ve known for 13 years now received some deep healing in ceremony with my local facilitator.  As the middle generation to open and seek grace and healing, this family will never be the same again.  I shed tears for these whom I love so dearly, and because their healing is our healing.  In my latest interview, Barbara Symons said the same as she graciously thanked me for my healing journey and Peru.  When one of us opens to heal and live a better expression of ourself, we become the love this world aches for.  Every other is impacted because we are all connected; we are all one.

I am so grateful for my local facilitator and others all around the globe as well as those who grow these plants with loving intention for healing and ascension, and for all who protect beautiful pristine lands like the Amazon, what few remain intact.  I pray that as we each awaken we also begin to shift our diets and awareness to tending the Earth Mother and receiving her healing love and nourishment through the rich soils instead of our artificial environments, fake foods, and this plastic reality we create.

Day after tomorrow I fly south.  Day…after…tomorrow…I’m SO EXCITED!  The following day I will be in the sweet damp womb of our planet listening to music played with healing intention and partaking in plants as food and in ceremony that were grown locally with healing intention.  There is nothing else like that experience and all the awakening it creates!  It is my prayer that this planet is on a journey towards not only preserving what is left of our  precious rainforests but also of restoring other parts of Earth back to more natural states.  She has within her all that we ever need to heal ourselves of anything that ails us and I pray we restore that in mainstream society.

aagardenWhere can we start?  With intention.  By recognizing and honoring that all we consume and discard affects our planet, we will begin automatically to shift our behavior in little ways that add up to make a big difference.  Recyling (especially plastic!).  Reusing and repurposing things.  Minimizing consumption.  Sharing resources.  Returning to more natural soaps and toiletries that have always worked but aren’t touted by the media or commercials.  Growing nourishing foods.  Purifying water and reducing its consumption.  If nothing else, we can simply infuse every single thing we plant, harvest, eat, drink, create, or consume with Divine love and Light to raise the vibration on this planet.

The time is here for us to collectively raise ourselves into 5th dimensional beings.  Intuition is no longer a hunch to play with, but rather a guiding force in our lives to be developed and respected above all we “know” intellectually.  Staying stuck in the pain of unresolved emotions no longer serves creates denser energy in our physical bodies that holds us back from ascending as we are meant to do.   It is time to feel, heal, and release.  Some are.  Some aren’t.

Not all will choose this path and free will is each individual’s birthright.  For those seeking this path, I share my blogs in the hope that you see a piece of yourself reflected here and realize your own possibilities.  If you find yourself reading this, there is a reason.  There are no accidents.   Look around our online community and connect with anyone you see here.   Reach out to me (when I’m not in the jungle please…there’s no Internet there).  You deserve this!

pomegranate-501502_640Today’s Ceremony Detox Menu:  There is a beautiful pomegranate on my counter waiting for me this afternoon.   Treat time!  For breakfast this morning a blueberry-strawberry-wheatgrass smoothie with one boiled egg.  Morning snack is celery sticks.  Water and herb tea throughout the day.  Fish and split pea soup for dinner.

Tonight’s Unplugged Time:  A nature walk followed by a one-hour meditation and journaling.  Putting on some music and chanting.  A bubble bath and sleep round out the night.

Namaste and much love,

Sheryl Sitts, Founder, Journey of Possibilities

Spirit guided me to create this “Countdown to Sacred Plant Medicine Intensive”  blog series to help demystify this sacred healing/awakening path while simplifying the dietary preparations by sharing practical ways I am preparing for the Amazon while working and living in a modern society.   If something I share sparks your curiosity or interest, please COMMENT BELOW and let’s create a conversation here.  I receive no compensation for sharing here but am drawn by my heart to create a safe space and portal of possibility for anyone seeking hope and help to know there are many natural solutions we have not fully explored.  Only by searching within and carefully selecting holistic modalities that resonate for us and practitioners who hold their work and healing space sacred can we truly unlock our own amazing journey of possibilities!  I am here for you if I can help in any way.

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