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Countdown to Sacred Plant Medicine Intensive: 13 Days

Awoke feeling lighter, more energetic, and clear-headed than I have in months.  Completely removing sugar, honey, and all sweeteners and salts while following a very clean diet has me feeling AMAZING!   I would never have guessed I would feel the difference so soon.  Not that I don’t feel overwhelmed with desire when someone in the office microwaves something that smells sinfully yummy or brings in decadent pastries to share, but so far the way I feel is its own reward.

cream-puffs-427181_1280Last night’s conversation with a like-spirited friend gave me new perspective on how I see sugar.  I realize how I have made my sugar cravings bad and judge myself harshly for this addiction.  The truth is that sugar comforted me first when I felt abandoned being taken from my birth mother for adoption, then when I was sexually abused by a family member and told not to talk about it, then whenever I got my feelings hurt or felt scared growing up, and later throughout the disappointments and challenges of my life.  Sugar has been there for me when people have not and I conditioned myself to turn where I felt supported and comforted even when it was harming my health.   How ironic that I’ve gotten pretty good about not judging others and seeing how we are all wherever we’re at in our own evolution, yet I carry all of this self-judgment about this!   I’m grateful to be cleaning up my body and healing the emotions that fuel my sugar cravings while also being thankful sugar was there to comfort me as it appears to comfort many in our society walking their own journeys.

DivaTalkRadioAside from the detox diet, I am excited about my interview today on Diva Talk Radio (Listen HERE).  I light up when I can help women find and blend their unique gifts and talents in ways that value them while helping them make a bigger difference in the world!  I just love it and I enjoy any opportunity to share that with others, so this is a highlight in my day.  Check it out and maybe you’ll find some new inspiration or guidance in our conversation.

bubblebathToday’s Ceremony Detox Menu:  Blended drink of berries and greens for breakfast with 1 boiled egg.  Hot apple cinnamon tea and celery sticks for mid-morning snack.  Drinking clean water throughout the day.  Steamed cabbage, zucchini & squash over quinoa with broccoli florets for lunch.  Steamed fish with rice and spinach salad for dinner.  These organics have such RICH flavor!

Tonight’s Unplugged Time:  Time to Jump rope, meditate, paint my nails, enjoy another bubble bath…just because I can,  journal and sleep.

Namaste and much love,

Sheryl Sitts, Founder, Journey of Possibilities

Spirit guided me to create this “Countdown to Sacred Plant Medicine Intensive”  blog series to help demystify this sacred healing/awakening path while simplifying the dietary preparations by sharing practical ways I am preparing for the Amazon while working and living in a modern society.   If something I share sparks your curiosity or interest, please COMMENT BELOW and let’s create a conversation here.  I receive no compensation for sharing here but am drawn by my heart to create a safe space and portal of possibility for anyone seeking hope and help to know there are many natural solutions we have not fully explored.  Only by searching within and carefully selecting holistic modalities that resonate for us and practitioners who hold their work and healing space sacred can we truly unlock our own amazing journey of possibilities!  I am here for you if I can help in any way.  Namaste.

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