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Animal Medicine: Roly Poly Bugs and Play

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roleypoleyRoly polies, pill bugs, potato bugs…whatever you call them, they’re fun!  Since returning from my 11 Day Sacred Plant Medicine Intensive in the Peruvian Amazon, these fun little creatures are everywhere!  I’ve learned to pay attention to who and what shows up in my life, so I’m pausing to reflect on this latest arrival.

I have been noticing lots of pill bugs wandering around the kitchen (my children and creativity area in feng shui), my bathroom (romance area), and my garage (helpful people and travel).  They intrigue my large Maine Coon cats who try to play with them, prompting me to retrieve the pill bugs, smiling as they roll up in my hand while I transport them safely outside before my playful pets accidentally hurt them batting them about with their massive paws.

In animal medicine, roly poly bugs represent childlike play.  Funny how that resonates with my rune readings, tarot card drawings, and psychic messages received since Peru.  Play.  Have fun!  This applies to my creativity in life and business, my romance and newly awakened sexual energies, and with helpful people and travel.  It could apply to every aspect of my life.

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Roly poly bugs also have the ability to curl up and protect themselves whenever they feel threatened.  I don’t ever need to feel threatened either, for when I stand in the truth of my full power, what could ever hurt me?  Looking at how small they are in this vast Universe and how they go confidently about living their lives is empowering.

Roleypoley2I have been an overachiever for decades: in school, work, volunteer efforts, and now healing and awakening.  I was raised with a strong work ethic and only now do I see what I once knew as a child…the future never arrives, and what we have to enjoy is this moment right here, right now.

Looking at how easily roly poly bugs protect themselves, I see that I have this ability.  How often do I let fear or reservation hold me back from living the fullest expression of myself?  Knowing my true power enables me to confidently live an ever larger expression of myself.

Today I have have the privilege of spending time with people I love very much.  My grandchildren visit and I see the world through the eyes of innocent children once again.  Today I consciously invite my inner child to come out and play as we laugh and play with roly poly bugs…a priceless day living in the moment. Thanks roly polies!

Have roly poly bugs shown up in your life? What might they be trying to tell you?  I love helping people unpack animal medicine, its meaning and how it can help you along your life journey.  Reach out!   

With love and gratitude,

Sheryl Sitts, Possibilities Coach & Holistic Practitioner

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