EP234 Lori Morrison Shares Her Shamanic Awakening & Power Animals on Exploring Possibilities

Lori Morrison (https://www.LoriMorrison.com) discusses her awakening, shamanism, and her latest book The Shaman’s Guide to Power Animals (available at https://amzn.to/2XCyHSa) with Holistic Spiritual Practitioner, Transformation Coach & Show Host Sheryl Sitts (https://www.SherylSitts.com) about:

– Her shamanic awakening with four jaguars and 13 spirit guides who performed her initiation and taught her everything once she learned to navigate sacred geometry and walking across dimensions and knowing in which world she was at each moment

– Her time connecting with the Mayan village and Mayan elder and the mystic who appeared in her life to help her

– How her awakening led her into a mental hospital and the people she managed to help while she was there

– Making sure whom we are connecting with for our spiritual guidance and how that process worked for her

– What is a shaman? What does it take to become a shaman? She even asked her guidance how shaman know what they know about things like plant medicine.

– A shaman’s perspective and the how we can benefit from reconnecting more with the natural world and how they once saw it

– What is a power animal? An animal totem? Animal medicine? How did she get the information for her book?

– How calling in power animals can help you strengthen aspects of your character or find solutions to life’s challenges more quickly and how animals can teach us

– The role of gratitude in the process and its rich indigenous customs

– BONUS: why was King Tut buried with a donkey?  ** Free Animal Reading for Listeners at the end of the show.  All of this and more in this fun interview.

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