This week we are honored to welcome speaker, writer, professional, and shining spirit Linda Ballesteros as our guest.  We asked Linda to tell us about how she ignited her passion to live her Light.  Following is Linda’s insight to her own Journey of Possibilities.

I have found that as I look back over my life I can identify many journeys.  Some short.  Some cover decades.  Some even run parallel with others.  But I can assure you that at any point in time in our lives…we are on a journey.

Today I would like to share the start of one of my journeys with you.  In 2004 I voluntarily left a corporate career that I had been working in for over 30 years.  I can remember the day I turned in my resignation like it was yesterday.  My manager began asking me what I was going to do.  “Are you going to work for a competitor?”  My response was ABSOLUTELY not.  He went on to ask, “Did one of our customers lure you away?”  The answer was no again.  He was still very curious.  “Then what are you going to do?”  Without hesitation as if I had planned y response I said, “I don’t know but it has to be more purposeful.”  When he ask what that be, I said I didn’t know yet.  I left his office a little confused because I had no idea what this purpose filled journey was or where it would take me.

Since then I have learned a lot, met wonderfully amazing people and made some accomplishments that could have never happened if I remained an employee.  My life has been made richer from these experiences and I can honestly say that I have grown beyond my expectations.

Somehow my spirit knew I was ready for a new experience even though my conscious had no clue.

This portion of my life continues and if you ask me today, “Then what are you going to do?” I would say, “I don’t know but it really feels good to make a difference through purposeful missions.”

When you listen to inner guides, the journey of possibilities can take you places that you could never have mapped out on your own.

About the Author ~ Linda is the Houston Regional Director for defining:WOMEN Network and helps women connect and empower one another and themselves.  Read her blog Powerful Voice to Grow and subscribe to receive her free ebook.  Also, don’t miss Linda’s weekly radio show Power Talk;  submit a Guest Registration Form at that link to share YOUR Journey of Possibilities with Linda on her radio show.  (If you do, please let us all know so WE can listen!)

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If you have a testimonial or insight about igniting your own passion to live your Light, or how Nature has helped you remember Who you are, please let us know.  We’d be honored to have you as a future guest blogger!  Namaste.

Sheryl Sitts, Founder and Chief Inspirational Officer

Journey of Possibilities

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