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Your Own Wizard of Oz

Remember a few years ago when you were going through that really difficult time?  At the beginning you felt like it was just too much and there was no way you could possibly do it.  You wondered if you could be strong enough and you just knew that everything was not alright.  You even doubted if it ever would be.  The days seemed to last forever as you went through challenge after challenge.  You felt a bit like Dorothy and friends fighting their way toward the great and mighty Oz and finally trembling before him.  Can you take yourself back for a moment to all the fear and anger and insecurity and determination that you felt during that time?

One thing is certain.  You overcame that period in time and discovered that the mighty Oz (whatever the nature of the problem, person, or time) was not as big and scary and ominous as he seemed.  You learned the most important lesson that Dorothy and her friends discovered in their travels: you had everything you needed inside of you all along!

Why dredge up our ugly past or talk about a movie so old that it was the first film in technicolor?  It’s simple.  Today you are facing something that seems overwhelming in your life again.  Even worse, possibly you’ve given up and decided it is simply too much for you.  You feel just like you felt back then, forgetting that you overcame that struggle!  You CAN overcome this one too.  All that you need is within you to heal, move mountains, create possibilities, and attract all forces of the Universe to your aid.

Here are a couple of great life secrets from The Wizard of Oz.  Stay on the path and keep moving forward no matter what.  Journey with someone who will encourage you through the fear.  Take your Yellow Brick Road one row of bricks at a time.  Embrace your Good Witch angels and let your Bad Witch fear melt away.  Remember that all you seek is already Divinely housed within you waiting to be used and embraced.  Confidently and gratefully trust and enjoy the Journey!

Yours In Spirit,

Sheryl Sitts, Founder & Chief Inspirational Officer

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