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You Can’t Take It With You…Or Can You?

Don Henley sang that there are no hearses with luggage racks.  This is true, yet don’t we all forget, ignore, or deny this?  Caught up in our own perpetual busyness, we become consumed with pursuing some modern day vision of success as defined by family, friends, the media, our community, etc.  We focus on earning enough money to buy this or keep that, dressing to mimic or please whomever, being accepted by this or that crowd, or going here and there to impress heaven-only-knows-who.  We smile on the outside while staying busy enough to ignore the emptiness and lack of fulfillment on the inside. We tell ourselves we’ll be happy one day on this road despite ”wrong way’ signs everywhere.  Is it more tragic to never slow down enough to realize what truly fulfills us, or to know and ignore it?

We all know we can’t any of this ‘stuff” with us, and we wouldn’t need it if we could.  At some point we also realize that we can’t take our parents or children or true love or family and friends with us either.  (Sometimes, we recognize this most fully if/when they leave us here first.)  In truth, we will not have any attachment from this world after our final breath. However, that does not mean we don’t take anything with us when we go.

We of faith believe our souls continue beyond death.  That suggests our spiritual journey is the most important and only permanent aspect of this life.  Discovering our own unique and Divine Purpose, that passion and gift placed deep within our heart and mind, is the only action we need concern ourselves with pursuing despite circumstances or excuses.  How ironic that this requires internal rather than external busyness.  Yet only when we find and fulfill this most genuine aspect of ourselves will we find our deepest joy and create the one thing we truly can take with us when we go: a Spirit both honored and fulfilled.

Yours in this Journey of Possibilities,

Sheryl Sitts, Founder & CIO (Chief Inspirational Officer)

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