candles-168015_640Meditation: set intention to heal shoulder and to invite the creator.

Went for a walk with my guide into my heart centre. Gifts outside of the entrance were a white flower and a white feather – also a white butterfly lead the way.

Through the archway on the right was a light and we entered. I felt there was a bright light beaming from me from the middle of room and it was matched with the same crystalline light shining back at me and the whole room was a glow with the same heartfelt light. That was all there was to see – LIGHT!

Tears whelmed up as I realized this is the light the creator gave us and that is all he sees back at him is the true reflection of light. (the light of truth, purity, creation, and love) I understood that on earth we have the third dimension which reflects back to us the dark (and the light) parts in ourselves we are healing (our masks, dis-illusions and misunderstandings) and the real Truth is our light. It is much harder for us to recognize the light as a reflection back unless it is through nature, beauty, kindness etc – but the real gift and light is creation – in ALL that we create in all ways always. WE are creation and what we chose to see our reflection is an illusion unless it is pure light and love.

That is the love on all other omni verses, universe, and all others forms of creation – earth is the only place where we can create the inner shift from illusion to love. The transformation of seeing the dark to seeing the light by pealing away the layers that we have believed to be true – when the only truth is love, light and creation. Some will not get there. They are consumed by their 1st dimension of self and suffering. If we can acknowledge that everything is perfect in every moment (even the darkness that we may face – if we can see it through love rather then pain and/or suffering ) we can see and BE the perfection, light, love that we are. We are the Master creator as we are made from the same cloth, spark or light of sunlight, stars etc. Everyone truly is your brother and sister.

Just as every illusion, perception, hardship, joy and peace comes from your reflection. If you can love your reflection and look for the beauty in all things the light will emerge within and outside of you in all that you do, say, see, hear, feel and magnify.

Bring your light through the illusions and into your great awareness and BEcome the master creator that you are.

This is the seed that we all have planted inside of us. Keep watering and nourishing this beautiful gift and soon you will have a garden full of light and love to graze upon, nourish you, fulfill you and reflect back all the goodness, perfection and love that you are.

This my brothers and sisters is what we all have been waiting, dreaming and imagining – Heaven on Earth.

© Channelled through Angela Ohlman on December 22nd, 2010.

About the Author:  Angela is an energy intuitive, psychic medium and spiritual teacher. She will gracefully guide you closer to WHO you truly are at the deepest level of your body, mind and spirit by using a variety of different techniques and modalities to promote self healing and self awareness. Humans are made of energy, so the more we can remove negative energies, stored emotional energies, and dis–ease in the body and surrounding energy fields, the healthier and happier YOU will become. Angela is the facilitator while the true healing power and change happens through love when the client is ready, open to receive and change their personal experience. The empowering benefits YOU receive will allow you to live more fully and joyfully by expanding into your own divine LIGHT. [email protected]

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