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Writing A New Story (Creating a New Life) Takes Moment-by-Moment Awareness

lake-959671_960_720One of the most life-changing concepts I have explored has to do with how I create stories based upon my attitudes and beliefs (and all I learned and experienced in childhood), and how those stories create my life now in every moment.  I know that I create stories about everything: work, the opposite sex, religion, politics, money, education, business, retirement, people of different ages/races, our country, other countries…I am a meaning-making machine with a brain that works overtime creating stories and meaning out of anything and everything.

Where it gets fun is recognizing that I’m living out old stories and consciously creating new ones that better serve me now.  Exhausted from the belief that only those who work hard get ahead, I have recreated my story to enjoy abundance with joy and ease so now my life is much more fun!  Exploring my beliefs about money stimulating greed, causing good people to become bad, etc. and my own sense of unworthiness allows me to write new stories and heal all of that to more easily attract, appreciate, and enjoy abundance.  And men!  Boy have I carried stories about what men are really like, what they really want, what I could really expect (or not), all fueled by unhealed childhood sexual trauma (mine and my mother’s).  As I discover and shift through all of these beliefs, many of which are generational in my family, I am slowly but surely creating a new reality in the knowledge that the Universe is ready to fulfill whatever story I create.

As humans, we are all self-fulfilling prophecies, creators of our own realities story by story, belief by belief, moment by moment.  It’s easy to create vision boards (I facilitate groups locally and uploaded a personal online workshop) or read positive affirmations to begin shifting our beliefs and reality, and these definitely work!  However, it is important to be aware of our thoughts and beliefs throughout the day, moment by moment, to continue consciously creating our highest and best life.  Noticing when ego becomes defensive of our beliefs as being “right” is a great trigger to stop and ask ourselves:

  • Is this belief or attitude mine, or is it something I have been conditioned to believe by parents, friends, family, teachers, etc?
  • Does this belief or attitude serve me well and create the community/world I want for myself and others?
  • Do I really, deeply adopt this as mine right now?

We can change in any moment…but only by being conscious in that moment.  This requires us to develop practices that heighten our ability to remain present in a busy world rather than getting caught up and losing ourselves in it.  Meditation helps.  Nature walks help.  Taking breaks to recenter ourselves whenever we notice we’re getting lost in it again helps.

Here’s to living consciously and choosing our highest and best life.  Choice is our birthright and possibility is our reality.  Enjoy your journey of possibilities!

Namaste and so much love,

Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Holistic Spirituality Practitioner & Coach

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