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Why Self-Love and How Do I Get There?


Lately in my videos (Follow me on Facebook or subscribe to my YouTube channel and join me!) and on my weekly Exploring Possibilities podcasts, I find myself talking more and more about being in an energy of loving ourselves as a healthier way to create boundaries, to find a more fulfilling definition for pride, and to live a happier life! So what is self-love, why self-love, and how can I create more of that in my life?

My definition of self-love is:

  • I take responsibility for my happiness and that is no longer your job.  I choose to be happy and create circumstances in my life in which I thrive.
  • Conversely, I understand that no one can make anyone happy.  I no longer make myself crazy trying to make someone else happy.  Happiness is a choice for every one of us, and our own responsibility.
  • I honor, speak, and live my truth with loving kindness for all involved.  Beyond that, what you think of me is none of my business.
  • I nurture and care for myself so well it overflows outward and I have even more to give you because I fill myself first!  The reverse is also true, so when I find I am being less patient or compassionate, it is because I have not filled myself up first OR I have let myself get depleted again without stopping to care for myself.  Not only can we give ourselves what we wish others would give us, I’ve discovered that is how we let the Universe know we are ready to receive it…by giving it to and receiving it from ourselves first.

Raised to be a good little codependent, this has been a journey for me and I still slip…often!  Loving compassion as I refocus again is also beneficial.  I must caution you that shifting the focus to owning our own health and happiness leads us straight through those past pains we have not yet resolved as they seek to be healed, cleared and released from our bodies and minds.  This is also our responsibility, and like the trash, what we don’t take out rots inside creating poor health and a mess in our relationships. I’d love to help you “take out the trash.”

Self love is not selfish!  You are a sacred creation of the Divine and deserve love and happiness…your own FIRST! Once we start treating ourselves this way, everything changes in our romance, family, career, everything!  I am here for you in this Journey of Possibilities so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Sending you much love and Light,

Sheryl Sitts, Holistic Spiritual Speaker, Coach & Practitioner

Founder, Journey of Possibiltiies

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