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Why Don’t We Fear the Best?

DaydreamerWe always fear the worst; why don’t we fear the best?

Do you consider every possible thing that may hold you back before you launch a big project or pursue your dreams?  I know my own internal dialogue runs overtime with messages like, “…but what if…how will I…what about…I can’t really…” etc.  Is any of that familiar?

My mother loved me deeply and wanted to prepare me for the kinds of challenges she was surprised by in her own life.  She told me about every possible unpleasant thing she could think of so I wouldn’t be blindsided by them like she was, and then I generously passed this ‘gift’ on to my own stepchildren to help them. “Better safe than sorry” was the family motto.

What I’ve since learned is that expecting the worst is the absolute best way to attract it!  Even giving it thought or worry is sending out the vibration which calls that negative experience into being. Ironically, turning a negative statement like, ‘I don’t want to be lonely’ into a positive one like, ‘I’m never lonely’ continues attracting…you guessed it, LONELY.  So, how do we reprogram ourselves?  (While I’ve used loneliness here, this is true for romance, family, friendships, leisure, health, money, and really everything!)

Becoming AWARE is definitely the first step.  Notice the thoughts that flow endlessly through our minds each day.  They are not us, but they are a product of our brains.  We are the ones who get to decide what stays in there and what needs to go, and only we can change that programming.  Following our above example, we would simply begin to notice how many times ‘lonely’ thoughts go through our minds each day.  Don’t judge them; we are programmed a certain way by those who wanted the best for us.  We can heal that now by beginning to notice and send ourselves love.

As we become more aware, we can start to reprogram ourselves to actually anticipate the best and attract it!  In our example, each time we notice a ‘lonely’ thought, we can say to ourselves ” I am grateful for a life full of love and caring people.”

I know it feels like we’re lying to ourselves, but why didn’t it feel that way when we were entertaining negative thoughts and worries that hadn’t yet materialized either?  (Aren’t we some interesting and ironic critters?)  Saying a prayer of gratitude for blessings not yet materialized sets in motion that reality.  We are giving thanks for gifts that have not yet shown up in this material plane.  They will, and we call them forth through gratitude.

Let me know how this works for you.  It is slowly and powerfully transforming my life, and I hope it will yours, too!

Namaste and much love,

Sheryl Sitts, Founder

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