drugs-14550_640Did you know that many over the counter medicines you use to treat common problems like flu or coughs offer little or no relief from symptoms? For example many over the counter cough medicines have been recently proven to have little effect on relieving you from a cough according to panel of America’s top lung specialists.

They actually are quoted as saying

“There is no clinical evidence that over-the-counter cough expectorants or suppressants actually relieve cough,”

Even worse is that they go further in saying that cough medicine may even be harmful for kids under 15

“Cough and cold medicines are not useful in children and can actually be harmful,”

So what can you do to relieve these nasty symptoms that can come with coughs, colds and flu? Well thankfully there are a lot of natural cures available that are completely safe to use. A lot of people seem to think that natural cures are some sort of hippie invention but the simple fact is they do actually work.

If you have a cold or flu and find that the over the counter medicines are not working then you should really try a natural medicine. But aside your doubt and just give it a go. The worst things that can happen is that they just don’t work for you, but the most likely outcome is that you will notice a significant reduction in your symptoms.

There are cultures around there world that have been using natural medicines for centuries and they swear by them. They also happen to live longer than us Westerners and have a better quality of life. The reason us westerners use manufactured medicines so much is because the health industry spend millions of dollars advertising them and pay doctors to prescribe/recommend them. Even thought the natural remedy would defiantly be cheaper and probably more effective.

So the next time you feel like your getting the sniffles or have a bad headache, try a natural remedy first.

For a complete guide to natural remedies I recommend the ebook “Home Remedies for Better Health” which you can access using the link below.

Home Remedies for Better Health.

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