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Who Are You Really?

CorazonEarlier this week you were invited on our Facebook page to ask your Higher Self  (the Soul within you thru every human incarnation) to write your lower self (you in this lifetime & body) a note about Who you really are…without your looks, achievements, career, hobbies, desires, dreams, feelings, or history.  The root question was, who are you at the CORE and WHY do you believe you’re HERE? How did that go?  Any surprises?

It surprised me how many of my initial responses were about my education, family, friends, dreams, lifestyle, looks, etc.  Did you catch yourself doing that, too?  We sure can get caught up in all the distraction and busy-ness of Earth School, can’t we?  Anyway here’s my response as promised:

I am an old soul here for experiences that raise my consciousness and advance me in my Journey with the Divine.

How SIMPLE!  Was that anything like what you ended up with?  Amazing how all that we find so terribly important in our daily lives pales in comparison.  Thankfully we are evolving through our relationships, or we wouldn’t get anything accomplished once we got down here and lost ourselves in the hustle and bustle of these complex social structures we’ve created.  Isn’t it fun to get a fresh perspective on what really matters in your life?

That is what I do.  I help people get a fresh perspective on situations in their lives where they keep getting stuck.  If I can help you with that, please reach out.  I don’t give answers, only clarity to find the best answers within.  Have a great week!

Namaste and much love,

Sheryl Sitts, Chief Inspirational Officer

Journey of Possibilities

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