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Whitney Houston’s Truth is Our Truth



Unconditional Love is Honesty – YouTube.

Hearing the news of Whitney Houston’s tragic loss brought back memories of when my own private hell with substance abuse and an unhealthy intimate relationship started becoming apparent to the outside world.  I can’t claim to know her level of pain in being such a successful public figure with so many forces pulling at her externally while she was obviously so vulnerable.  What I can speak to is the incredible pain of hiding from ourselves in drugs, lovers who aren’t good for us, food, food deprivation, alcohol, working, shopping…you get the picture. 

We arrive in this world as beautiful beings of light, slapped by a doctor into the reality of life on earth.  From there, our brains are programmed with all sorts of messages – the ‘truths’ about life as experienced and shared by loving relatives and friends to ‘protect and help us’, and painful experiences and lessons from those who really don’t have our best interest at heart.  For many of us, even our loving teachers bring painful lessons and ‘truths’ as they’ve experienced the world to be a painful place.  For example, they may tell us to prepare for the worst and plan for bad things because that’s what life has taught them.  They don’t know the Law of Attraction, so they can’t see or teach that they’ve attracted bad things precisely by planning for them.   So it goes, and we learn the world according to others and that becomes our reality.  For people pleasers, we try to be extraordinary despite very limiting beliefs and conditions, and addictive behaviors numb our pain.  Some who do not feel worthy of good experiences because of some shame they are raised with, will seek out abusive relationships, and then that perpetuates the pain and they want to forget.  For others who can’t cope, numbing is a rescue. 

I knew all the perils of the road I was entering.  I’d seen the commercials depicting my “brain on drugs, heard horror stories within my own family, and ended up there anyway.  All I can say is in a moment when we’re vulnerable and someone buys us a drink or offers us the trendy drug of the time, it’s very tempting.  We don’t set out to get lost there, it’s merely an open door we walk through.  It doesn’t take long before the pain of coming down, the hangover, etc. couples with the shame of what we’re becoming, and the party becomes where we live.  The longer we’re there, the worse we get, the more shame we have, the more pain that causes, and the more we want to numb out and escape. We are dancing with death.

The news hasn’t released the specifics surrounding Whitney Houston’s death.  In the end, people will form an opinion about whether drugs or domestic abuse or something else caused her horrible death at such a young age.  What I know to be true is that running from herself caused a level of self-avoidance and self-abuse that no amount of public love or talent could surpass.  Refusing to truly, deeply hear her truth, feel her pains, and walk through them to the bliss and joy on the other side caused her death, whatever the circumstances.  May we all see some reflection of our own avoidance of our deeper Truth in her passing and learn from it.  Prayers for her loved ones and fans, and RIP sweet spirit.



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