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Where Has God Gone?

As the news reports murders, rapes, escaped prisoners, drunken accidents, wars, divorce, and suicides, one cannot help but wonder, ‘Where has God gone?’  What loving God would allow this madness?  Innocent people being killed….so much destruction and pain…has God forgotten about us here?

Sitting outside this morning, I hear the birds sing their morning greetings.  The tiniest of flying insects stops by my arms and feet, landing briefly to say hello during my meditation before flying along on their way.  The trees pour forth the very air I breathe to sustain my life.  I feel at one with the Universe and all that is perfect and good.  Here God is certainly everywhere!

Where then is the disconnect?  How can we go into nature and so quickly find God all around us, remember God deep within us, and then feel such a restless separation when we return to daily life?  What can we do to stay connected to that perfect Divine Energy that permeates all of life?

Consider the following without guilt, judgement, or resentment, merely as a possible explanation for our spiritual disconnection.  We have constructed modern society devoid of any real contact with nature.  We live in concrete jungles, eat manufactured foods, and breathe artificially filtered, temperature regulated air.  We raze the land to built modern housing and then plant St. Augustine grass and trees (often non-native to our region) to please our artificially programmed, media driven taste, with little forethought to drainage concerns or the quality of the soil and nutrients.  As if all of this wasn’t enough of a disconnect from our true origin, we then isolate ourselves into our office or our house rather than living in the more communal groups like those of our ancestors around the world.    Even if we become “active” in our communities, we rarely live as a true community…even without our own families.  Our routine involves school or work, computers, possibly some exercise in an artificial gym environment, and then driving home and pulling straight into our garage before closing the door behind us and entering our house to watch TV or whatever.   We may read a spiritual book or attend a weekly service, but the rest of the time we shake our heads at the pained world and wonder where God went.

The God we frustratingly seek is as easy to find as returning to nature.  Find a native park, river, lake, or forest.  Go to the ocean and get lost in the smells and sounds.   Retreat to a still place in which your senses can soak in the Divine from all forms of nature and the beautiful Divinity within you can awaken to return love back to nature.  Create that magnificent flow and feel alive again!  THERE’s God…right within you all along!  Now, how will you regenerate that feeling and keep God alive within you all the time?

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Sheryl “Pachamama” Sitts

Founder & Chief Inspirational Officer

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