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When is Doing the ‘Right Thing’ Wrong

“Nothing exists except atoms and empty space; everything else is opinion.” ~ Democritus, Greek Philosopher

Don Miguel Ruiz writes in The Four Agreements about how we are “domesticated” by our parents, schools, and society into a story about how things were, are, and will be. We’re rewarded for complying and punished for rebelling until we are finally fully domesticated, or locked away in either a prison or an insane asylum.   How depressing to finish 18 years of school and realize I’d been a great drone programmed to succeed in the current story.  After living the corporate story, the marriage story, the community leadership story, and ending up unfulfilled, I knew I’d lived everyone’s story but my own!

When we live outside what Democritus calls opinions, we can create our own reality.  While many talk of living in faith, how much do we honestly trust our hearts and Divine Guidance, and fully surrender to find our own unique Path?  We have all these stories about how we can’t just expect money to show up without working really hard for it, the right people aren’t simply going to show up in our lives, etc.  Ironically, those things are completely possible when we live in faith and trust our spirit to guide us in the right way.  Letting go and surrendering is the challenging part!  It’s so much easier to believe the 401K, ‘secure’ job, married-with-kids, socially popular, and materially successful life we’re programmed to seek will make us happy.  If so, great!  If not, time to change it!

These stories are chains that bind us into lives that are not our purpose.  We are here today to write our own story, and the only one who can author our happiness and best path is US.  We must trust and have the courage to follow our inner compass to our own happiness, for if we live others’ stories for us, we actually prevent ourselves from getting there.  I for one am happier than ever not having any idea what tomorrow brings, for even though I have my scary and insecure moments, the joy is off the charts!


Sheryl Sitts, Chief Inspirational Officer

Journey of Possibilities


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