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What’s So Alternative About Ancient Medicine?

holisticThis weekend I’d planned to visit yet another ‘healing fair’ like those offered every weekend in the back rooms of small buildings or in hotel conference rooms in which healers offer modalities older than our nation for flea market prices.  They did little/no marketing and then cancelled because they didn’t think anyone would come.  Often these practitioners hold other jobs during the week, and you might be surprised to find many are degreed professionals across industries.  Some work as independent reps for organizations where they can sell products that complement their holistic practice, and earn more selling products than they do restoring flow and actually helping us heal on the weekends.

How did some of the oldest Eastern and Native American ways become ‘alternative’ while our diagnose-cut-medicate medicine is ‘mainstream’?  Why do we continue to believe we are “the healthiest nation”?  Should we blame the insurance companies, pharmaceutical firms, the media…whom?   Actually it is up to each and every one of us.

Holistic practitioners ~ it’s time to teach others the value and benefit of your time-proven methods and charge what you’re worth.   How will anyone come to see the power or beauty of your path if we have to crawl onto a dirty sheet on the floor in the corner of a back room and pay you $20 for a half hour of reiki?   Since we can only feel what we allow ourselves to feel, who won’t be tense and ill at ease in these circumstances to ‘try reiki’?   Where is the professionalism or honor in this setting?  Isn’t it time we work together to create healing centers and share resources, clients, and vision?

All of us ~ it’s time to use the power of the Internet to be responsible for our health and bodies, learn the truth about holistic medicine from credible sites, and stop blindly playing follow-the-leader with our lives!   Insurance and pharmaceutical companies control “conventional” medicine and produce longevity without quality of life, using chemicals and processes in treating one illness that creates others.  Don’t glaze over when they read the side effects…really listen!   I make it no secret that I will buy Obamacare when it covers holistic wellness in Texas.  Until then, my money is going to practitioners that help me truly, deeply HEAL my body and embrace sustainable health and vitality.   Why, at the very least, can’t the two paths work better together?

We get sick and catch viruses / bacteria when our bodies are run down, our energy doesn’t flow well through our bodies, and we suppress old emotions to ‘deal with later’.   As I peel through the layers to feel and heal all that has become housed within my body over the years, the addictive behaviors are being replaced with healthy ones, I eat and live a healthier lifestyle, and I feel my body deeply healing. I was getting sick with seasonal allergies, acid reflux, colds, and other problems three or four times a year, and now get something once every year or two, and I’m getting better all the time.  However, if I’d kept stuffing my emotions and taking pills whenever symptoms and sickness arose, I have no doubt I’d be getting quite sick at this stage in my life.

Before you say this is a path for the wealthy since insurance doesn’t cover it, think again.  I challenge you that instead, this is about how we choose to spend our time, money, and energy. Launching a business iinitially set me back 20 years in annual earnings and I struggled with mortgage and responsibilities.  What I knew was that I had promised myself a holistic lifestyle, so it was time to learn new ways to eat, barter for services, give up some things, and change my habits to continue opening and healing deeper layers of myself.  It’s no coincidence that as my energy and faith flow ever more freely, so does my life, love, and yes, my money.  As I meet, connect, and learn, I share it all with you!  Check out our online holistic community, the  Exploring Possibilities podcast interviews with holistic professionals, and soon a Holistic Connections monthly networking event in N. Harris and Montgomery Counties.

Replacing addictions and junk food with healthy, natural living is a journey that takes time.  Facing old emotions and seeing truth, present or past, requires patience, love, Divine guidance, and support.  This is the journey of loving ourselves enough to embrace all that is and choose to live naturally, sustainably.   I believe every one of us deserves to live in peace, purpose, and passion…naturally!

Namaste and much love,

Sheryl Sitts, Journey of Possibilities Founder

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