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What To Do When They Don’t See You’re Right

644307_4512740291553_1226742163_nLast week I had a disagreement which has been nagging at my mind and heart ever since.  Someone asked me not to charge for something and I perceived they felt entitled to it, which I resented so I declined.  The situation quickly escalated resulting in everyone involved getting upset.  Who ‘won’?  Does it matter if we both somehow felt we were right?  This was all still fresh when I attended White Eagle Lodge this morning and heard what I needed for clarity.

All that happens here on this Earthly plane is merely to build us up as we strive to bring the Christ Light to all of humanity through increasing our own loving kindness.  Well, there was definitely nothing kind or loving about what happened.  I took the position of ‘being right’, and that only ever serves the ego.  Being right didn’t really matter anyway since we’d all lost there.  Had I instead taken a deep breath to return to center, and then offered what she asked with love in my heart, it would have worked out beautifully.  Sure, I may have lost a few dollars, but in the beautiful way the Universe works, even that would have come back to me tenfold somehow, but we would have all felt good from a more loving exchange.

Our need to be right only helps our ego feel better.  It does not build relationships; in fact, it tears them apart.  It does not build wealth; relationships ARE true wealth, in addition to being the cornerstone for any material wealth.  Most importantly, it does not feed the soul or raise our vibration in love; it keeps us stuck in a lower vibration where discord and fear-based negativity breed.

The path to happiness, as White Eagle taught, is a walk of love, compassion, and kindness.  Making another smile feels so good.  Bringing joy to a distressed person is immensely rewarding.  Knowing we are right and conceding to another anyway feels loving and rewarding!

So, although I have apologized for the other day, it still felt like no one came away from that any better for it.  That is, until now.  Really feeling how much better it is to be loving than to be right is quite a beautiful lesson,  and I doubt I’d have gotten it any other way.


Sheryl Sitts, Chief Inspirational Officer

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