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What is Your One-Word Intention for 2017?

harlequin-1708650_960_720Choosing a word as a theme for the year declares a powerful intention to the Universe for our energy and focus in the coming months.  With Mercury retrograde well into January, this is a great time for inner reflection and seeking guidance for the new year.  I’ll share my process and word as an example to help you set your course.
My word chooses me during meditation as I ask my Higher self and spirit guides to assist me.  The word that has chosen me for 2017 is HOME:
  • Integrating heart, soul, and mind into my body-home, nurturing with plant-based nutrition, exercise, and self care.
  • Learning to more vulnerably, powerfully receive love and affection which allows for deeper healing of past traumas.
  • Similarly loving and nurturing my Earth-home and land.
  • Dressing up my body and Earth homes in ways that bring me joy.
  • Celebrating my homecoming with color and sound: painting, chanting, dancing, drumming, and other artistic expression.
  • Coming home to community to reconnect with some of the beautiful Lightworkers I’ve met over the past 5 years and explore new possibilities for co-creation between our communities.
  • Birthing my child for this lifetime…my Journey of Possibilities book about my exciting, insightful adventures and lessons in awakening to my consciousness and Divine possibility.
What word would best serve as a beacon of intention for you in 2017?   Please comment below and find renewed dedication and energy in this public declaration.   I will also comment to magnify your intention with my own love and energy.  As always, if I may help or support you in any aspect(s) of your journey, it would be my honor and pleasure.

With much love and gratitude,

Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Certified Holistic Coach & Practitioner

Founder, Journey of Possibilities

Shifting possibilities and perspectives in holistic, spiritual ways through private sessions, our website and Facebook community, weekly podcast, quarterly digital magazine, entrepreneurial consulting (marketing, media, digital platforms, etc.), and live gatherings.

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