tree-76895_640I do not have explain further about what is meditation as it already grown popular around the world nowadays. People who practice meditation will notice that there are something unique about meditation. There are a lot of e-books on “how to meditation” and “meditation how to” that can easily be found in the search engines. You will learn step by step how to meditate and be able to meditate on your own.

To some people it may take years to achieve enlightenment through meditation. To be able to do this your chakra or energy gateway must be fully activated in order for you to gain benefits while you meditate. There are two type of meditation know to the world today, it is Silence Meditation (SM) and Creative Meditation (CM) when combined together will brings full result.

When you learn how to meditate you may be introduced to silence meditation. This method involve sitting down, stilling your mind, and focusing on breathing technique while you meditate. Silence meditation is the meditations method that only suitable for certain people who because some people whom are not use to this method may lost their interest while doing this ritual. To avoid this some people may play calming music for meditation to increase meditation transcendental. The relationship between meditation and yoga are closely related. Silence meditation also practiced in Buddhist meditation among Buddhist monks. In developed countries such as the United States meditation class and meditation course can easily be found.

In contrary, creative meditation offers a lot more freedom to their practitioner. Creative meditation is a from of meditation that involves body movement similar to movement in Xi Gong. If you looking for effective enlightenment and improving extra sensory perception (ESP) abilities and more then this is the most suitable method for you. Nobody can explain to you what is enlightenment nor describe how the enlightenment was. The enlightenment ideas that you might find in books are just a theory until you have experienced it for yourself.

Extra sensory perception such as psychic powers or psychic abilities are more likely to develop effectively by creative meditation because this method focuses on sensing the spiritual vibration generated by your inner soul.

In creative meditation your energy gateway will be open by experienced master compared to silence meditation, you have to wait years before your energy gateway are fully activated. This will slowing down your enlightenment process. You can test clairvoyance abilities whether it has improved or otherwise the soonest after your energy gateway were activated permanently. You will also notice that creative meditation is indeed the proper method to develop psychic intuition.

It does not matter what religion you follow, you have the opportunity to be connected with god. Spiritual journey usually started when somebody ask themselves what is god and where is god and if your determination are strong enough you will no longer have to ask “god, where are you ?”. The truth is all living being are connected with god whether they realize it or not. With creative meditation as a medium you can feel stronger connection to god. God channel His blessing in a form of energy through your soul based to your physical body. You can fully channel the energy according to your intention such as for healing purposes, creative protective energy shield against negative energy or as a weapon to disarm you enemy. There huge benefits of creative meditation for you to explore.

About the Author:  TKS Datuk Seri Paduka Dr. Azam Supreme Grand Master of “The Secret of Ancient Malay Meditation” & Persatuan Seni Silat Gayong Ma’arifat Malaysia. Also CEO for Panji Alam Medical Centre in Kuala Lumpur. Has more than 30 years of experience in alternative medicine and spiritual healing.  Learn more at

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