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What if Anything Was Possible? (Because It IS!)

canyon-1464282_960_720Reading through my Facebook feed this morning, another of my friends surprises us with news that she’s moved to a different country.  Opportunity knocked, she shifted to an online business format, and now lives in South America pursuing some of her bucket list dreams.

Did you notice I said ‘another of my friends’?  She is not the first.  A few months ago, a friend living nearby sold all of her stuff and left with her husband and children to see the world and live a more nomadic lifestyle.  Blogging about their adventures, it is easy to recognize these children are developing a global perspective and will have many amazing adventures during their formative years.  Mom and Dad are enjoying themselves, too!

Maybe it’s because I AM Journey of Possibilities, but I see this kind of thing all the time.  It’s not what they talk about on the evening news, at least not until that final feel-good story after a half-hour of telling us what a scary, mean, messed up world we live in.  Truth is this world is big ball of adventures and possibilities floating through space filled with some conscious and some unconscious inhabitants.

Yesterday I had the privilege of being in conversation with someone I love when she recognized that the big dilemma which has been plaguing her for months simply boils down to her choosing what she wants to do and leaning into her faith that failure is an illusion.

Like my dear friend, many of us get endless signs from the Universe showing us answers and opportunities, but often we have such a defined idea of what our answers should look that we don’t recognize them when they arrive.

Are you going through a transition in life, or standing at a precipice considering an exciting possibility or idea?  Have you tried asking the Universe, in whatever way you do, for a sign?  Have you waited for the answer?  Is something showing up, but it doesn’t seem like the answer because you don’t recognize it?  Life dances with us all the time, responding to our questions and desires and vibrations.  Are you asking?  Are you recognizing the answer?

Life is a journey of possibilities.  Play!  Dance with life’s possibilities!  If I can ever help you recognize and explore your possibilities and the emotions that come with them to get to your place of enthusiasm and power, it would be my pleasure.

Namaste and much love,

Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Holistic Coach & Practitioner
Founder, Journey of Possibilities ~ Helping women redefine themselves in joyful, holistic, spiritual ways to make a bigger difference in the world personally and professionally

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