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What If Acorns Doubted Their Potential and Blocked Magnificent Possibilities?

Let’s imagine for a moment that an acorn can reason and has emotions.  After beginning its life in perfect conditions to grow tall and beautiful, how long would it savor its spacious surroundings in rich soil with abundant sunshine and rain before a harsh winter prompted it to move?  How long until it connected with other young oaks and decided to create its own perfect conditions?  Visualize it: a group of oak trees living in climate-controlled indoor settings with artificial lights on timers, using what they want and discarding the rest, forgetting where they came from or their own potential.

I know this seems silly, but sometimes it’s easier to see ourselves from the outside.  Like the young oak in our story, we come to believe that reality and possibility are limited to what we can see around us every day, or even what we see in this earthly lifetime.  Generations before us have built this community and lifestyle until we often forget that we can create something different from an infinite universe of possibilities.

Our internal skeptical mind believes we are limited by the reality of our circumstances. This thinking will only ever perpetuate more of the same!  Thankfully there are those among us throughout history who awaken to recognize pure potential.  They act to create their visions and change the lives of all who follow them, but again we follow until another comes along to create shift.  We all have this potential!

At the core of the word creativity is our ability to ‘create’.  We are here but for the blink of an eye on Earth to create what something from the pure potential we embody. Why waste a minute?

It’s time to embrace our dreams…NOW!  It’s time to create new possibilities for ourselves and others.  When we doubt this, why not visualize a teenage oak tree sitting on the couch under a grow light playing video games, watching Netflix, unaware of its potential to become a magnificent tree connecting earth to sky, captivating all who see it, stronger for every storm it weathers and more beautiful for every ray of pure sunlight it absorbs!  OK, maybe a bit silly, but isn’t that much like the infinite possibility that exists within each of us?  Don’t we tend to avoid the very storms that strengthen and beautify us?  Don’t we tend to think we know better while our Divine guidance is lovingly nudging us toward infinite possibilities?

With love and gratitude,

Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Professional Broadcaster, Transformation Coach & Community Builder

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