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What Excuses Hold You Back?

Throughout my conversations this week, a recurring topic has been the beliefs we hold as truths in our lives and whether they serve us well.  Sometimes we’re aware of them, like when we say we’ll never meet the person of our dreams because all the good men/women are already taken, and other times, they are ‘shadow beliefs’ that run in the background programming us without our awareness.  For me, one of those has been the hidden belief from childhood that there’s not enough (fill-in-the-blank:  food, money, time, energy, love…) and there may never be enough.  Today I want to impress upon you the difference it can make in every day of your life, in every way in your life, to root these out, shine a bright light on them, and see how and if they hold up to careful scrutiny.

Let’s play out how this has looked in something I’ve been working on so I can better explain what I mean. My belief that there is never enough wasn’t anything I was particularly conscious of, even though I would actually say things like, “there’s no money for that”, “I/you/they can’t afford that”, “what if we run out”, etc.  For me to continue holding that belief would mean that I would not be able to truly own that God and the Universe are generous, and abundance is just as possible for me as anyone.  Maybe the fallacy of this is obvious to you, but trust me that it wasn’t to me.  One interesting things about our core beliefs is just that: they are often obviously false to others!  In my reality, asking for things and accepting things has been hard because that didn’t fit my core belief.  I have been unable to actually ENJOY my time, money, etc. because I’m always worrying it is going to disappear and there will be no more.  This belief actually came to me from a loving parent who had experienced it to be true  and wanted me to be cautious and frugal so I’d be safe and guarded.  However, it didn’t come into me as a LESSON someone else had learned that MIGHT serve me well to consider.  It came into me as a FACT that I NEEDED to live as truth.  Even learning about the Law of Attraction (from teachers like Mike Dooley) and its biblical basis for hundreds of years (from Florence Scovel Shinn) had not really eradicated this belief because , I had not taken this into my heart and healed that belief.  Until I did that, nothing could shift.

There is no time better than the present to really look at the area of your life in which you most urgently want to see a shift, and get very still and clear about what beliefs (those you see easily and what may underlie them) you hold that may not be universal truths, but rather ‘facts’ you learned from a specific experience you had that may or may not ever recur,  or as a lesson through someone else.   By seeing these as situations and not universal truths, you can weigh the price of holding that belief as truth against the possibility of releasing it and replacing it with any other selection from the Universe of all possibilities.

This post is inspired by my own continuing Journey to Self, and as a key part of my visualization activity and vision board creation for the first Journey of Possibilities nature retreat next month.  By the way, there are still some openings to attend for ladies who may be ready for a day of rejuvenation and some activities that will help you take your life to the next level.  Whether or not you are able to attend, spend a little time this spring shining light in the dark corners of your deepest Self to see what lingers there that might be brought out, reexamined, and shifted.  A brighter day awaits you on the other side!


Sheryl Sitts, Founder & Chief Inspirational Officer

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