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We Say We “Believe”, But Are We Living It?

My parents raised me actively attending the church, and my mother regularly turned to the Bible when the hardest of times fell upon our small family.  When I began questioning the Lutheran doctrine, I spent months studying and attending various Christian denomination worship services.  When I wanted to explore beyond the Christian faith, I became immersed in other cultures and belief systems to further explore worship.  Throughout my life, whatever church or situation I was in, I have celebrated my relationship with God in a very deep personal way.  I have had faith!  At least, that’s what I believed, but then if that was faith, how do  I describe this incredibly powerful enlightenment that has been happened to me over the past couple of years?

To put it bluntly, faith in action is the only faith that matters.  Believing we are secure because we have a good job, a beautiful family, plenty of money in the bank, a 401K, etc. isn’t exactly putting our care and well-being in God’s hands, is it?  Security and the pursuit of security in this world is not faith!

God places dreams in our heart as clues to our Highest and Best Life.   Do we honor those?  Or does our life serve as a constant argument by a stubborn toddler unwilling to let go of that job, person, thing, or money that we have decided really signifies security? When we feel the pull of our dream, or the dissatisfaction in what we’ve settled for, do we then blame the Divine for our own choices because He/She has not brought forth everything we could possibly need to achieve it without us having taken one single step of faith?

We HAVE to LET GO to live our faith! We have to hear that Divine inner voice navigating the course of our life and STOP ARGUING with it!  We convince ourselves that it’s not time yet because we don’t understand how we’d possibly make it without this or that, and yet that is EXACTLY what we are supposed to do in order to really RECEIVE the ABUNDANCE that makes our life so powerful.

I know.  It’s hard.  I know.  It’s painful.  I know.  It’s terrifying!  I KNOW!  What you can’t see from that precipice is that all manner of the imagined and the unimaginable comes to pass the moment we live our Faith in ACTION!  Put another way, our lives will be exactly as remarkable as we allow by our actions.

As someone discovering this one shaky step at a time, may I only look back to you with your flashlight behind me in the darkness and tell you how AMAZING it is here!  If you are actually AHEAD of me in this Journey, THANK YOU for the messages and lessons you have dropped into my path by book, phone, email, podcast, video, and other unimaginable ways.

Life should be a simple flow.  We complicate it by arguing with God all the time and trying to make meaning out of what we really have faith in here on earth.  This creates so much trouble, sickness, depression, addiction, etc.  All we have to do is listen, hear our Path, trust that our life thus far here in Earth School has prepared us perfectly for our unique destiny, and step forward into the unknown on honest-to-God FAITH!  Don’t worry!  Someone up ahead of me is clearing the path, and I’m clearing the path, and you’ll clear it and show others the way.  This is truly the Divine Order of things.


Sheryl Sitts, Founder & CIO

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