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We Manifest What We Expect (and Believe We Deserve)

One day deep into my lessons about money and entrepreneurship, I looked around with utter disgust at the perpetual just-enoughness that had been my reality for years.  In my closet were just enough clothes (that I really liked!) to get through about 10 days until I’d need to do laundry again.  In my pantry was just enough to eat until my next anticipated client payment.  I had just enough clients and just enough in the bank to get through my commitments month to month. With just enough of everything, I wasn’t doing without, but I wasn’t getting anywhere, either.  Then it hit me like a sledgehammer: why do I always manage to have just enough?

lineI began to see that I’ve always had exactly what I expected to have…indeed exactly what I believed  I deserved.  I have always believed I deserve to be OK, and I always have been.  However, as I have seen the ways I abused others in past lives with money, I have unconsciously placed blocks to restrict the flow of money to me.  As I saw my parents struggle through bankruptcy and fight over money in my childhood, I wrote more stories about the evil nature of money and how it destroys love.  I set about manifesting a life of just-enough to avoid all those problems and all that hurt.

Now understanding that we are all master manifestors…indeed we cannot be anything else by our Divine nature….I was finally able to see myself holding that just-enough-line for years, never too far below or above my beliefs.  And all that time I’d been wishing I could learn how to manifest!  (That really gave me a laugh when I got the joke.)

I began to see money as an energy exchange and give/receive money consciously with an energy of love and gratitude.  I became more conscious of how I invest my energy to make choices that more deeply align with my highest good.

Next I saw how I’d extended this into use of credit.  I’d only ever seen myself able to own a nice home with a mortgage.  I had only ever seen myself making it through major events in life with credit.  I’d carried this unconsciously forward with pride that I controlled my debt, but never considering life without debt until Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.  Save money and loan it to myself in an emergency instead of turning to VISA?  What a concept!  I was finally able to rewrite my life without credit, and as I repay my debt I marvel that I no longer need the credit that once was as much a staple in my life as food and clothing.

VisionBoardandDrummingCircleIt is very empowering to see the stories and limitations we’ve created for ourselves and to shift them and transform our lives.  I enjoy sharing my ongoing healing journey in case it helps others, and what I learn along the way helps me, too.  Let’s manifest more passions & possibilities in 2016!  I’d love for you to join me January 24th and play in possibility.  Here’s to a conscious life in gratitude and abundance!

Much love and Light to you,

Sheryl Sitts, Founder, Journey of Possibilities

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