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We Didn’t Figure Trump Into ‘The Shift’ Equation, Did We?

orchid-1031893_960_720This morning, I awoke very early considering the surprise that Trump brought many I know who’ve been consciously ‘doing our work’ to evolve personally and co-create our 5D world.  We didn’t figure him into the equation, did we?  Hmmm.  Why not?

As humans, we have long learned through polarization here in earth school.  We can agree we’re getting a hefty dose of that in America right now!  Trump embodies the 3D ‘reality’, and I believe has been elected by many as a last-ditch effort to hold onto the way things have long been.  They don’t want transformational change, i.e. a new table, rather just a propping back up of the falling legs on the existing table.  (I didn’t vote for Hillary either;let’s not go Democrats v. Republicans here, ok?)

Early during my own personal 2012 Shift, I participated in a ceremony in  which I stood up, walked over to gaze out my glass back door into the darkness, and repeated in a trance-like manner to myself for quite some time, “They’re coming.”

I have been doing my own personal healing and expansion work since then, while also learning to help others with theirs, knowing I would have opportunities as ‘they’ came.  History has shown us again and again that we don’t change until we become pretty uncomfortable with the status quo.  What did I think would shake people out of their comfort zones, awaken the sleeping, other than being taken to the brink of a failing system?  Who did I envision would lead that charge?

I know it sounds ‘airy fairy’ and possibly complacent to say that we must simply hold the love, but I believe it with all my heart!  As riots ensue across our great nation, I know that BEING the peace, love, and Light in this strengthening hurricane is the only way I will make it through, and how others will find shelter when they seek it.  We chose to come and be the love, to hold the Light.  Now!

Thank you with all my heart for being part of this 5D ascension at such an important time.  We have the privilege of experiencing this, and I for one would not trade it for anything!  Would you?

With much gratitude and love,
Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Author, Speaker, ONE-TLC Coach & Holistic Practitioner
Founder, Journey of Possibilities ~ A Holistic, Spiritual Community

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