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We Are Still Here – Now What?

So much fuss that the world would end on December 21, 2012…and yet, here we are!  Most who found this notion absurd in the first place cracked a few final jokes and went back to life as usual.  However, many others wondered at this buzz and began to dig deeper, trying to understand what was really happening.  Did the Mayans really mean that the world would end?

I had the pleasure of attending a  Shift 2012 ceremony that day as the planets shifted into an alignment not held for thousands of years.   Paiute Ceremonial Elder and Mayan teacher “Golden Eagle” Marshall Jack, Hopi Grandmother Pat Fleury, Lemurian Elemental Alchemist “Earth Star” Camilla Blossom, and Seneca Wolf Clan Teaching Elder John Maisel led this New World ceremony and spoke about this new time.  My vision of a world reawakening was coincidentally similar to the beautiful New Year’s Eve ball that descends at midnight each December 31st, pictured left.

We were reminded that billions of people live on this planet who, at any given moment, have the most basic needs: food to eat, clean drinking water, a place to go to the bathroom, and shelter over our heads.  We have not solved this most basic need in a way that is sustainable on our world.   Ironically, not even the ‘wealthiest’ nations in the world have a sustainable solution that does not rely on someone else’s resources (or money) to function.  The question was posed to us all:  what part will you play in restoring harmonious life between the human, plant, and animal kingdoms upon Mother Earth?

For some of us who were born into this industrialized, credit-driven rat race, that seems a daunting question.  Yet, we are the ones who can make the most significant difference!  Shifts begin as everything else, with one small step.   Use less water.  Collect rain water for plants,  Grow one thing that is edible…maybe two.  Use less energy.  Find more energy efficient means of getting around.  Carpool more.  Go less and relax more.  When those things become simple habits, expand.  Grow a full garden.  Acclimate to using a bit less heating and cooling.  What ideas do you have?  Google conservation or environment and see what comes up.  Find some way to reconnect with Mother Earth on a routine basis so we can disconnect a bit from our concrete jungles and reconnect with the real ones…in whatever forms they take where we live.

The energy has shifted, and for those of us who meditate, we can feel it.  Enjoy that support which will ease us in transcending some of the old familiar ways and stepping into some new habits.  Meditate and invite yourself to feel the difference.  It’s real; so is what we’re doing to our planet.  I’m in for some new ways!  What about you?

Namaste and love to you,

Sheryl Sitts

Chief Inspirational Officer

Journey of Possibilities

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