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We Are All Divine Creators


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Two days later, I’m still in the afterglow of Lady Gaga’s spectacular Super Bowl LI halftime show (watch it HERE).  It left me in the same level of awe I experienced after observing the late great Stevie Ray Vaughan at Rockefellers in Houston, or sitting on the edge of my seat for Cirque de Soleiu’s Avatar show, or at my first rock concert watching Eddie Van Halen’s fingers fly in the early 80s. In each case, I marveled at how all of these artists accepted an invitation, stepped into a space devoid of color, sound, and movement, picked up silent tools of their trade, and used their talent and imagination to explode into sound and/or color still remembered fondly today.

Back to Lady Gaga.  This dear woman is no bigger than a minute, but doesn’t she appear larger than life in her performances?  I’ve heard nothing but positive comments about the splash she made here in Houston, and her sighting at a local church seems only to have endeared her fans to her more.

My lingering thought is this: if Lady Gaga can come into town and leave us all with our mouths hanging open and our hands wildly clapping, what can we do?  We are each Divinely gifted with our own talents and an abundance of creativity flowing through our veins as part of the Life Force energy that animates and connects us.  How much do we activate and put forth in the world?  Wouldn’t it be a brighter place if we took some of the energy we’ve been using to complain about circumstances and put it to use creating beautiful sights, sounds and experiences?

Thanks for refreshing our inspiration and creativity, Lady Gaga!  How can I give my boyfriend a hard time for being glued to you throughout your performance when I was too!  You give 110%.  Thank you for showing us what that looks like.


Sheryl Sitts

Founder, Journey of Possibilities

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