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We All Truly Deserve to be Happy

Astrological forecasts predicted that these past few weeks would involve digging up old wounds and healing them, and boy were they right.  It seems we must all do that to really transcend our old junk and discover a new life and real joy.  Since I’m not  one to give in easily, I had to try every possible means of avoidance before becoming fed up enough with the old and familiar to truly surrender this year.  I’m certainly thankful, for it’s been the best gift I’ve ever given myself.

I’ve had to go through endless dates, boyfriends, a couple of fiancés (both amazing men I didn’t believe I deserved), and one very patient husband, before admitting when I found myself alone AGAIN that I simply MUST do this work.  If I don’t heal, I can’t give love at that level, nor can I receive the beautiful love I know I deserve.

I’ve had to realize my deepest fears about money to acknowledge that no amount feels secure.  By really feeling deeply in my heart that God, not money, has always been my true provider, I can be free to follow the path my heart knows to be my Divine possibility and know that God will continue to provide for me as ever.  That has become invaluable in times when my limited eyes and mind can’t see that coming.  Sure enough, god always comes through!

Speaking of God, I’ve had to extract the Divine from all forms of man-made religion and rules to assemble the pieces that feel true to me.   Only then has it been possible to discover a church that reflects my deepest core beliefs, for the Divine Law of Attraction promises that we manifest all that we believe and focus on.  Now I have a beautiful spiritual family here on earth.  More importantly, I can truly see that God has never abandoned me; man did.

I’ve come to see how my mother protected me to a very unhealthy extreme because of the pain she herself had endured…and a deep, deep love for me.  That beautiful unique love drove her desire…her need to shelter me from experiencing such pain, although her efforts were futile and I resented them in my youth.  Healing that allows me to see how I did the same in my efforts to parent my stepchildren, particularly my (step)daughter.  I can now share my realizations and apologies, and maybe she’ll recognize how healing the pains of her childhood is the best way possible to protect the next generation.

What we resist persists.  In each of us, the best way we can reach out to help and heal others is indeed to help and heal ourselves.  The healing energy radiates outward and others are healed and guided to healing simply by the love that we project.  No matter how distracted we may keep ourselves for a time in work, play, family, sex, video games, shopping, religion, etc, the truth is always there waiting for us just beneath the surface.  There is so much healing help around, and I would love to help connect you with some if you feel so inclined.  Let’s not put it off our own authentic joy any longer!


Sheryl Sitts
Founder & Chief Inspirational Officer
Journey of Possibilities

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