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Want to Build Community? Stop Killing Ants!

AntsMowing the lawn seems like a wonderful walking meditation to me.  I get outdoors and out of my mind as I flow back and forth across the grass.  Often I receive cool insights too, and today was no exception. As I was approaching a large anthill, I got a very clear message, “If you want to build community, stop killing ants!”

What?  This gave me something to consider as I continued mowing…around the anthill.  I love animal medicine (to learn more about this, check out Ted Andrews bestseller Animal Speak), and observe a no-kill lifestyle believing that all life is connected.  I have also repeatedly noticed that I attract animals that symbolize the very gifts and strengths I need at different times in my life, affirming to me that life happens for us, not to us.

I understand that ants symbolize community.  As one who loves creating community, I don’t kill ants.  Still, I do flatten their mounds to have a more attractive lawn, so maybe this message is telling me that’s not such a great idea.

When I annihilate their habitat, I’m in effect telling them I’m not thrilled they are there.  Actually they tend to move after a couple of times.  On the other hand, if I acknowledge that they are building huge communities in my career and personal growth areas (feng shui), I can thank them for their energy and honor their community just as I’d like mine to be.

Will my community grow even if I level ant hills?  Probably.  Still, why not recognize these little beings as being here for me, and receive them with gratitude?

As you can see above, I left them.  More than that, I appreciate them.


Sheryl Sitts

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