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Unexpected Ways Emotions Affect Our Food and Our Bodies

eating-447385_1280 During a recent shamanic ceremony, my facilitator began moving some energy in my stomach area.  At one point, her touch hurt and I was guided to ask her about the cause of that pain.  After a few moments, she responded that it was the stubbornness and remorse I felt while eating.   I immediately saw how I would obstinately eat foods I like that weren’t good for me and then regret my actions almost immediately.   Now I was learning that those emotions were held by my body in a painful way in my stomach!   This also triggered another memory…

I attended a 10-day Vipassana silent meditation retreat a couple of years ago at which I spoke with a Buddhist attendee who mentioned that her family rarely eats out.  She explained that if they do eat out, it’s only in restaurants where the food is organic and they know the cooks personally.  I asked her why she needed to know the cooks, and she replied that their emotions go into the food and we ingest, and negative emotions are toxic.  I thought about fast food and chain restaurants where the staff are underpaid and can be bitter about their jobs or completely inattentive to the food they prepare. Looking back, that conversation really raised my consciousness about dining out.

Considering that our emotions when preparing food affect its nutritional value, why wouldn’t how we feel when we eat it do the same?  It explained why I was struggling so much to lose weight despite having transformed my diet!  If I’m holding onto guilt and regret, and I feel it every time I see that weight in the mirror, how will I raise my vibration, release that guilt, or improve my health?  It begins with accepting all that is and loving myself exactly where I’m at.

It makes the most sense to me when I connect all of this with Dr. Emoto’s work with emotions and water.  Given that our bodies and most foods have a high water content, of course all of the emotions they come in contact with would have an impact!

Everything is about consciousness!  Knowing what foods work best for our body type, buying organic, eating the right amounts, and exercising are all important to good health.   However, I believe it is just as important to consciously feel positive about our food and our bodies!  Likewise it is important that we eat food prepared with love and/or to take a few moments to bless the food to our highest vibration and energetically cleanse it of all but the highest loving vibration and nutritional value.  As I’m discovering, emotions are powerful energy!

Wishing you a happy healthy holiday season filled with love for ourselves, our friends, our family, and our food!

Much love,

Sheryl Sitts

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