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Trying to Fill a Funnel

Yesterday began beautifully as I reconnected with a true spiritual sister and we shared the miracles of our lives since our last conversation.  When we hung up, I was on a high I just knew would carry me through the day.  However, I soon found myself lost in the tasks of business (busy-ness) and that energy had diffused.  Lunchtime came and I was fortunate enough to spend time getting to know with another spiritually empowered woman.  As I returned to work, I was gratefully refilled again from the synergy of celebrating Spirit with others.  It wasn’t until I drove home later that evening that I realized I had again gotten lost in busy-ness the afternoon and allowed that to escape me.  Because these highs and lows were painfully obvious, I began looking for the Lesson…isn’t there always a lesson?  When I found it, I really wanted to share it with you.

For some time, God has been answering my daily prayer that, “…an endless flow of abundance will flow through my life in the form of spiritual people, Energy, and prosperity.”

Can you see my fatal mistake?  (Hint: my blog title)  As I drove home…I spend a great deal of time in my Think Tank On Wheels…it hit me so hard I began to laugh.  For something to “flow”, it is like pouring liquid through a funnel; there’s no reservoir!  Where would it build up?  How would I retain anything for later?

Prayer is ALWAYS answered.  We must be specific when we pray, and then trust the Divine completely to deliver.  Weak faith will not yield Divine results.  Likewise, what we ask must align with what we seek and need.

I now pray that the Divine Energy, abundance, and connections that flow into my life are harnessed to propel me boldly forward in my own Divine Journey.  I have plugged the funnel to capture the beauty that has been washing away.  May your wise and specific prayers offer the same for you!

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