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This Week’s Show Cancelled For Flooding…Of Course, That’s An Interesting Story…

Hours before I was to record this week’s episode of Exploring Possibilities, I was meeting with a good friend and collaborative partner in my home to discuss content for another workshop to be offered soon.  We left on a brainstorming walk and returned a half hour later to a flooded bathroom and water spreading through the house.  My friend had unwittingly been the catalyst for a plumbing failure! 
She immediately retrieved her huge shop vac and stayed with me all afternoon, joined by her husband and my dear boyfriend Mario. Together we moved furniture, found new flooded areas, cut and rip out saturated carpet and padding, scraped up glue, swept and mopped the cement and made this space livable for a while.   Her husband brought many more supplies, several of which they left behind.  I have been running their huge fans on the floors all night and they are beginning to dry out.  
Life changes in a minute!
  • Half my home has been gutted and I know I’ll declutter and get rid of a lot of stuff. 
  • I continued discovering phantom wet places walking on the remaining carpet last night. (PTSD?)
  • As we begin Mercury Retrograde, I am flooded with feminine energy and emotion (water) pouring from my Centered space (feng shui) into Health & Family, Wisdom/Self Cultivation, and Career. 

Ironically I recently posted in Facebook about how things need to deconstruct to reconstruct in new ways.  My foundation is now being redefined in the areas I just mentioned and that is happening right now!  New insights will continue to arise in the weeks ahead as I reorganize my life from the foundation (root chakra) up.

I AM SO GRATEFUL for my dear friend and her husband and for Mario, all of whose collective love, help, wisdom, tools, energy, and encouragement really carried me yesterday and will undoubtedly continue to do so,  I am grateful the water didn’t flood rise higher or damage the walls or structure.  I am grateful that my home is still livable. I am grateful that I will recreate those aspects of my home and myself from the foundation upward to best suit who I am becoming.  Exploring Possibilities will return next week.
On a final note, my dear feline companion Loki is not amused!  A male Maine Coon of nearly 16 years, he doesn’t care for change.  Today he won’t walk across our newly unearthed indoor concrete. He stays on the carpeted parts and looks across the slab howling in confusion.  What an interesting soundtrack for my life right now!  <3
With much love and gratitude
Sheryl Sitts, Holistic Spiritual Speaker & Coach

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