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There’s a Whole Universe Waiting Beyond ‘Happy’

EmotionChartLately I’ve been exploring the infinite emotions locked up inside my body. In a society where ‘happy’ is the only socially acceptable emotion, I’ve been conditioned to look good and happy on the outside regardless of any pain or fear or trauma that may be going on.  I see it all around me, too. Happy is the ‘norm’ for which we all strive. If we’re not happy, we need to fix it.  There are even those in the metaphysical community who see happy as the goal.  Why?  I believe allowing the full range of emotions is our healthiest state of being.

My connection to my body has been that of a warrior, pushing myself hard to look good with right clothes and hairstyles and weight training to push through whatever emotions I may be having. I now see that I was also eating, drinking, snorting, and/or smoking every other emotion besides ‘happy’ that didn’t have a place to express itself.  Sheryl always has a smile. Sheryl’s always happy. True enough I am a positive person naturally, but believe me Sheryl is not always happy.  I rebelled against all that false pretense once I recognized it and really let it all go until I was ready to dive in, find myself, and love myself back to health.  Now that I am, I am rediscovering this whole universe of emotions just waiting to be allowed to flow.

I find myofacial release quite helpful in unlocking and accessing my feelings at a physical, sensation level. The more I allow myself to feel, the more I can feel.

Last night, accompanied by the healing music of David Jesse Kennet and my own toning, chanting, movement, and journaling,  I really explored the vast realm of my emotions. Alone and free to express, I felt each fully and let it all out without reservation…a whole myriad of feelings. I wailed in tears. I raged in anger. I trembled in fear. It was primal. It was real. It was incredible!

There are feelings in the wheel above I haven’t yet felt in my body, so they exist in name only as a possibility for me to experience.  Each has its own strength, its own color, its own unique beauty. I believe we came here for a human experience rich with every emotion, and to come to this emotional buffet and only experience ‘happy’ is to rob ourselves of a much more dynamic, multifaceted experience!


Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Life Coach, Holistic Practitioner & Founder

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