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There Is No Status Quo

Every day we actively make choices that move us closer to joyful, purposeful living, or further away from it.  Many of us struggle with exercise, so let’s take that as an example. Lately my schedule has made it easy to slip back into procrastination about my wellness.  I lie in bed in the morning tired and I make deals with myself.  I tell myself I need to sleep in today because I’m so tired, but  I’ll make it up tomorrow at the gym.  I become complacent about not meeting my fitness goals as quickly and tell myself stories about how I have time, there’s always tomorrow, or my favorite, I’m okay with the status quo for one more day.  I wish!  The truth is that when I fail to engage my cells and muscles to stay active, I choose to be less energetic, carry extra weight, and be more vulnerable to sickness and disease.  Far from the status quo,  I’m clearly moving away from my goals and reinforcing bad habits.

This doesn’t just apply to weight and fitness.  What goals have you put off  in your life?  Education?  Hobbies?  Socializing?  Travel?  Special interests?  Career development or change?  Where have you been telling yourself  you’ll get around to ________ as soon as ______________?  Any time we put anything or anyone above our own truth (which is being well and living purposefully), we are not merely accepting the status quo.  We are agreeing to be ‘less than’ our potential, less than our own Divine possibility.  Women are particularly encouraged by instinct and culture to put ourselves last, although some men do this as well.   We’ve all procrastinated because of fear or convenience at some time or another, haven’t we?  I joke that it actually runs in my family.

There are certain things we must do for ourselves that no one else can do for us, no matter how much they love us!   We alone can properly nurture and care for our bodies, minds, and spirits.  We alone can live the life we are here to live.

If we’re honest with ourselves, we must admit that nothing remains the same, so then the only real status quo is change.  As the popular expression says: if we’re not living, we’re dying.   Let’s empower ourselves by understanding that every choice we make and every action we take moves us closer to, or further away from, our goals and dreams.  There simply is no status quo.

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