R for RELAXAs retrograde is upon us today I am drawn to share a vision with you. It comes as a whisper of truth that has been forgotten and misinterpreted by our human mind, full of fears and drawing conclusions from our eyes not our hearts.

Mercury Retrograde is when, gazing upward over a series of days, the planet Mercury appears to be moving backwards. As a result there is a slightly different energetic pulse on things, which can cause some electronics to act up and some of our plans to go awry. Some that are sensitive even notice a change in the ability to communicate clearly. All these things have led to retrograde being dreaded and even feared. But there is one key element of retrograde that seems to have gotten lost. It is an illusion!

Retrograde is the ILLUSION of planets moving backward. The planet itself is still moving forward. Much like our lives, there are times you may feel you have fallen off your spiritual path and gone backwards. Yet you have not unlearned what you know now. There is no backwards, only a spiral continuing you forward. You may pass by old lessons again but if you observe it, this “old” lesson is presenting in a new way for new understanding. THIS is the truth of Mercury Retrograde. It is taking you around another loop of the spiral! That is all, darling!

When you accept the retrograde as an illusion you see that it too is based in LOVE! That love is allowing you to find peace in the now. Retrograde is about being present and mindful. And yes, perhaps your computer will give a hiccup or two. Pause and ask yourself if what it is denying is really so important as you may think in this moment. Perhaps there is a better time? Perhaps there is something more important or something needing changed before the final product is up for the World to see?

Our fast paced World can begin to feel as if it is spinning out of control. Retrograde is the love that re-centers. Mercury retrograde is not a time to fear but a time to rest in a loving embrace and evaluate what is truly important. If it is effecting communication, perhaps it is time to listen. If it is affecting work, take a breather. Ask yourself what love would want you to know in this moment? And once you recognize that retrograde is love, there you will find peace.

Profile pic 1AmandaRey is a Gratitude and Empowerment Coach, Spiritual Mentor, and Motivational Photographer. Her heart’s mission in life is to reunite people to their love and power. If you would like to learn more about AmandRey or her services, check out www.ReyofGratitude.com. AmandaRey also created the beautiful image atop our Journey Of Possibilities Home Page.

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